Jenelle Evans to Fans: Hope You Enjoyed My Trainwreck Years!

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Say what you will about Jenelle Evans, the woman has provided Teen Mom 2 fans with a lot of unforgettable moments over the years.

We've marveled as the mother of three has made just about every bad life decision in the book.

We've been shocked by Jenelle's many arrests and violent episodes, saddened by her painful struggles with substance abuse.

Jenelle Evans Fake Baby

Jenelle frequently assured fans that she had every intention of turning things around, but the refrain sounded awfully familiar to anyone with a loved one who just can't seem to escape her addictions or troubles with the law.

But amazingly, these days, it looks as though Evans has really managed to sober up and settle down.

And she shared her newfound contentment with fans in a genuinely inspiring Instagram post.

Earlier this week, Jenelle posted an Instagram photo (below) that shows her fiance, David Eason, enjoying breakfast with her daughter Ensley and son Kaiser.

David Eason With Ensley and Kaiser

It may seem like an unremarkable sight, but to Jenelle, the scene is loaded with meaning: 

"My mornings now compared to 5 years ago is really eye opening," Evans captioned the photo.

"Family is everything to me and always will be. Where I was years ago compared to now, I look back on everything and think 'holy shit, I made it.'"

She added:

"I hope everyone can watch the series and see my journey and learn from it. Thanks for continuing to watch my life, hope I entertained you the past 7/8 years. #FamilyFirst #FamilyAlways #Blood #Ohana"

Jenelle Evans Waist Trains

Yes, Jenelle has reached a point in her life where she not only recognizes the severity of her past mistakes, she hopes others can make use of her youthful indiscretions as an object lesson in how not to behave.

Evans has a long way to go (She's still facing several legal obstacles, and her mother retains custody of her eldest son, Jace.), but sometimes it's important to pause and reflect on how far you've already come.

We wish Jenelle and her family all the best. 

Here's hoping she's able to stay the course.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how much Evans has overcome.

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