Rob Kardashian: Fat, In Serious Trouble Once Again

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According to a blistering new report, it's the same old story for Rob Kardashian.

And the reality star's loved ones are very scared over how this story will end.

Simply put, Rob has once again let himself go, gaining a massive amount of weight, cutting off contact with the outside world and falling into the same sad pattern that has plagued him in the past.

Rob Kardashian in a Cap

As previously reported, Rob and Blac Chyna have broken up.

TMZ sources claim that Rob's family has been planning two separate baby showers for the couple because Kardashian and Chyna have not even seen each other for weeks.

That's how bad things have gotten.

But Rob thought that Kylie Jenner had snubbed Chyna in not inviting her to a party organized in the impending child's honor, which is what prompted Rob to Tweet Kylie's phone number to the world on Monday.

Yes, this really happened:

kylie number

Now, TMZ sources have elaborated on just how far Rob has fallen in the past two months.

These insiders allege that Rob has been living at home since splitting from Chyna in August. He almost never leaves the house.

Moreover, Kardashian has reportedly gained back the 50 pounds or so that he lost after he first got together with Chyna and enjoyed a new lease on life.

He's now tipping the scales at over 30 pounds again.

Rob is stuck in the kind of vicious cycle to which others with a history of depression can relate: he gets sad, so he eats… and then he eats and gains weight, so he gets sad.

But there's even more of a reason to worry about Rob than there would be with others who find themselves in frequent downward spirals:

He has Diabetes. Three months ago, he was hospitalized due to a health scare related to this condition.

And Rob's personal problems are affecting him at work as well.

Specifically, he hasn't been going to work.

Sources say that Kardashian was recently a no-show for an appearance to promote Rob & Chyna, leaving his eight-month pregnant fiancee all alone for the event.

He didn't show up for the baby shower that started his feud with Kylie, either.

"Rob is slipping back into a dark place," someone close to the situation tells TMZ.

And the big problem is that Chyna is the one who pulled Rob out of his previous dark place. But now the couple is on the outs.

Kardashian, by his own admission, can go into his own little cocoon when he gets hurt of angry.

This became apparent after he got into a fight with Kim Kardashian way back in May of 2014.

He actually left Kim's wedding weekend early and never saw her exchange vows with Kanye West as a result of the argument.

For over a year, Rob didn't post anything on social media and cut off nearly all contact with his relatives.

This really is a frightening situation.

Rob has made it clear over the years that he doesn't want to be in the spotlight and that he reacts poorly to pressure.

If Chyna was the person who helped turn his life around, but now Chyna is out of his life, what will happen to Rob Kardashian?

Let's hope he and his baby mama work things out.

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