Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: A DNA Test Type Of Party!

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Stevie is a father for, like, the 100th time, so he realized he needed to make some changes to his life. 

That was not the only big development on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 10, with Momma Dee and Shirleen joining forces to find out what the heck Kirk Frost was getting up to in his private time.

When the episode got underway, Stevie was preparing to have Bonnie Bella at his house for the first time. His two daughters were ecstatic to meet her, but they were probably a little apprehensive because how many siblings they have out there. 

The daughters quizzed Stevie about whether a romance was on the horizon for him and Joseline, but he had no idea what the future held for him. 

As you probably know if you watched Leave It To Stevie online, Savannah was not impressed with Joseline for all of the crap she spouting on social media about her family. 

“I don’t mind her being my sister, but I don’t want the mother around until she apologizes to all of the girls for all of the stuff she said on social media.”

Stevie J Chomps on Cigar

While that was going down, Joc turned his attention to Treasure for opening up about his business with Tommie and Karlie. 

“I know that someone has been spreading my business all over the streets and I wonder who it was.”

Treasure tells him “I felt like I had to tell Sina about you and Tommie because she is my friend and you claim to love her.” Joc tells Treasure “You have no right to get in my business and I can’t mix business with pleasure, so you have to go.”

If that was not bad enough, Joc fired Treasure on the spot. 

We then switched gears to Joc, Scrappy and Stevie who were listening to some new music being recorded by someone named Gunplay. 

Yung Joc GIF

Stevie was congratulated by all of the men for becoming a father, again. 

When Joc opened up about all the female drama in his life, Stevie wanted to know whether Tommie was going to get hurt in the crossfire. 

Stevie asks “Are you smashing Tommie?” Joc says “Nope. She was using me to get back at Karlie.”

Scrappy then started thinking about the future, while confirming his wedding was off. He also wanted to celebrate the momentous occasion. 

Scrappy says “I want to throw a bachelor bash.” Stevie says “I have a Panamanian Goddess that I’ll bring through.”

Um, alright then. 

Little Scrappy

Scrappy then met up with Momma Dee to let her know about the wedding. 

She asks him “What’s going on with you and the Bam?”

Scrappy says “Nothing. It’s over I am having a bachelor bash to get all my feelings out of me because I am moving on to Miami.”

Momma Dee was less than impressed but knew she would be fighting a losing battle if she commented on it. Momma Dee then asked about the situation with Kirk and Rasheeda. 

“Rasheeda is heartbroken, and Kirk is laughing and talking about how he won’t take a DNA test.” Momma Dee says “Oh yes he will. I need to go talk to Shirleen and see what we can do about this.”

Scrappy says “I would love to ask you not to do that.”

Oh, the drama. 

Momma Dee met up with Shirleen to compare notes on the situation between Kirk and Rasheeda. 

“Kirk was trying to put the blame in the marriage on Rasheeda by saying that she wasn’t having sex with him and that if she didn’t want to share him, she needed to give it up,” Momma Dee begun.

Shirleen says “That’s a bunch of bull.” Momma Dee also tells her “Kirk feels like he is being nailed to the cross like Jesus.” Shirleen laughs and says “Good because that’s what he needs!”

At Scrappy's party, Tammy appeared and turned on him. 

"My girl Bam isn’t here. What happened with the wedding?” Scrappy tells her “She got up and said There ain’t no wedding and that was all.”

Treasure hunted down Joc at the party and managed to turn it around and got her job back. 

Shirleen then shocked the whole room with DNA tests to confirm the truth about what is going in with Kirk and his baby. Everyone looks around them, shocked at the very scene in front of them. 

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