Stevie J Actually Says Nice Things About Joseline Hernandez

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Leave it to Stevie J to put family first.

The VH1 reality star spent more of the past several months slamming the living heck out of Joseline Hernandez.

He filed legal documents that questioned Joseline's sanity. He accused her of taking drugs while pregnant. He denied being the father of her impending child.

But then Hernandez went ahead and gave birth to a girl named Bonnie Bella and, to his credit, Stevie J has apparently come to realize what's important.

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Stopped in a parking lot this week by TMZ, Stevie J shrugged off his many conflicts with his occasional ex-lover, saying he and Joseline were "homies first before the love thing."

He thinks they need to now "come together" and "be the best parents" they can be.

What about all those court documents and requests?

What about the ankle monitor he still must wear?

What about all the times he railed against Joseline as a terrible person and dangerous mother?

Watch below to see what Stevie J now has to say regarding all these topics... and more!

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