Javi Marroquin Had THIS to Say About Kailyn Lowry Baby Daddy Bombshell

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Javi Marroquin was a very popular man on Twitter yesterday.

But because of anything the Teen Mom 2 star said or did.

But because of something Kailyn Lowry finally revealed.

Javi Pic

After leading followers on for weeks with mysterious social media messages and videos, Lowry admitted that Chris Lopez is the father of her unborn child.

Which we've known for some time, but not officially, as the soon-to-be mother of three has been cryptic about the paternity issue.

Until a Tuesday afternoon Tweet that asked celebrity gossip blogs to stop writing headlines about the topic of her baby daddy.

Yes, she told the world in about as many words, Lopez knocked me up! Can we be done with this subject now please?!?

And, for once, it sounds like Javi agrees with his ex-wife.

A few hours after Lowry's confirmation went viral, Javi took to Twitter and basically yawned ... 'cause dude is over it.

Javi says duh

He wondered why so many people out there were including his handle in their Tweets, given that he knew all along.

"Why is everyone mentioning me? This isn't news to me. Lol," Marroquin finally responded yesterday evening.

Javi, of course, shares custody of Lincoln, 3, with Kailyn.

He's also very close to his stepson, seven-year old Isaac, whose father is Jo Rivera, also a Teen Mom 2 fixture.

But he's NOT close to Lowry, or at least he wasn't for months after the two split last year amidst very strong rumors that she cheated on him.

The bitter former spouses have seemingly been so distant and been at such odds with each other that she went to court for a no-contact order.

Kailyn and Javi Working Out

Additionally, Marroquin is reportedly writing a tell-all in which he (supposedly) will expose every dirty secret he knows about the Teen Mom 2 star.

The memoir will allegedly be titled Heartlessly Hustled, a hilarious play on Kailyn's memoir, Hustle and Heart.

"Fans can expect a story about a man who thought he figured out life,” Marroquin told Radar Online of the book.

In March, he told the celebrity gossip website that his relationship with Lowry was full of "lies and cheating."

He also said he's now basically raising their son "alone," with is probably a slight exaggeration (or a big one).

Kailyn Lowry with Javi Marroquin Photo

But after Marroquin expressed shock and anger over Lowry getting pregnant for a third time (after she suffered a miscarriage in 2015 and said on air that she was done having kids), it appears as if the icy relations between the two have thawed.

Just this past weekend, Kailyn shared a photo on Snapchat of Javi and Isaac playing soccer.

It was a sweet moment, and one long overdue.

It reminded us of a simpler time, one in which not everything between the MTV stars was always so cantankerous.

At some point, in the not-so-long ago past even, they were married, and there was love and respect.

Check out the photo in question below:

Javi Marroquin and Stepson

Can we fathom Javi and Kailyn ever getting back together romantically after the way things deteriorated over the past year?

Gosh no.

But shortly after Marroquin reacted to the obvious news about Chris Lopez, he re-Tweeted a message that reads as follows:

"If I ever loved you, I'll always love you."

"That's how I was raised."

So there you have it.

No matter how tough or angry a front Javi often puts on, deep down inside the guy is a softie. He'll always hold Kailyn in special regard.

These guys on the other hand ...

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