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Melania Trump isn’t known for voicing opinions that might be unpopular amongst her husband’s supporters.

In fact, Melania doesn’t seem to be big on voicing any sort of opinions at all.

She seems content to take the job of first lady in a markedly old-school direction.

Melania Trump and Donald Together

Like, Dolly Madison and pretty much every other presidential wife from the quills-and-powdered-wigs era makes Melania look a progressive women’s rights activist by comparison.

But for all the criticism she’s endured for the minor part she’s played in helping her husband dupe the American people, Melania has played the role assigned to her with a smile on her face.

For the most part, she’s stayed hundreds of miles away from her husband in order to attend to household duties (which, in this case, means supervising those who actually attend to the household duties).

On those rare occasions when Melania does swing by the White House, she even helpfully gives Donnie a nudge when he zones out during the national anthem.

First Lady and Husband

But even the most devoted puppet occasionally feels the need to speak for itself.

It’s a pain the Donald knows all too well.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that a crack has appeared in Melania’s facade via some very interesting social media activity.

Either that or the first lady isn’t entirely clear on how Twitter works.

Whatever the case, millions were shocked to see this tweet pop up last night:

Melania Trump Tweet

As you can see, it appears the FLOTUS "liked" a tweet from writer Andy Ostrow that takes a clear jab at the nature of her relationship with her husband.

“Seems the only #Wall @realDonaldTrump‘s built is the one between him and @FLOTUS #Melania #trump," Ostroy wrote, prompting Melania to … agree?

We may never know for sure as the tweet was quickly "unliked."

Melania defenders will likely claim that her account was hacked, but it’s interesting that she’s not making any such claim herself.

Also, if you were gonna bother to hack the first lady, wouldn’t you do something a bit more scandalous than favoriting a four-month-old tweet.

Melania Trump Aboard Air Force One

Although maybe if you want to perpetuate the idea that Melania is miserable as first lady, it’s more convincing if you employ a bit of her trademark Slovenian subtlety.

Yes, "Slovenians are subtle" is a new stereotype we just invented.

Spread it around.