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After years of turmoil, Jenelle Evans seems to have found a modicum of quiet domestic contentment after welcoming her third child, a girl named Ensley Jolie.

These days, Jenelle is engaged to David Eason, and she’s even making an effort to patch up her relationship with her mother, Barbara Evans.

But at the end of the day, she’s still Jenelle, which means she’ll still pounce like a wolverine in response to the slightest perceived threat.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Selfie

Jenelle has feuded with family members in the past, and it seems these days she’s keeping the dysfunctional tradition going with her soon-to-be in-laws.

According to Starcasm, Jenelle has been beefing with her fiance’s sister, Jessica Eason, and the whole thing is playing out on Facebook.

The site reports that it all started when Jenelle got pissed that Jessica visited David’s ex, Olivia Leedham.

This is the same ex who’s taken out restraining orders against Eason and once had him arrested for hugging his son in a grocery store, so we think it’s safe to say they’re not on great terms.

Jenelle informed Jessica of her displeasure in some sternly-worded text messages, and Jessica responded by venting about her brother’s baby mama in a private Teen Mom 2 Facebook group:

Jenelle Evans, David Eason, and Ensley Jolie

"I should have listened! You all were right.. She IS crazzzzyyyyy!" Jessica commented recently, leaving little doubt about whom she was talking about.

She went on to bash Jenelle in a lengthy rant, writing:

"If people want to be petty and not see the big picture of my actions to benefit our family.. Then please, have several seats. And you WILL NOT BE DICTATING what happens in this arrangement, trust me sweetie!

"And the insults only make me lmao.. You are farrrrrrr from the boss in this area code baby girl.. This isn’t MTV sweetie.. And Youre nobody around here #nottheshotcaller"

Jenelle Evans Engagement Pic

Never one to shy away from conflict, Jenelle lashed back, writing:

"This bitch thinks she’s entitled to everyone’s children, nope not mine sorry. ? psycho…"

To clarify that this a new feud, Jenelle added:

"This isn’t about my mom."

David Eason Holding Jenelle Evans' Baby Bump

Apparently worried that that was too subtle, Jenelle later added:

"Next time don’t text david asking to bail out your baby daddy. maybe that’s why she’s so mad … Mannnnnnn… I love owning my own home, not having any legal charges, and a closet full of nice shoes I paid for too."

Jenelle added that she took pity on Jessica and recently gave her some of her old clothes, prompting Jessica to reply:

"Ok u want more? I got the memo u still talking.. Ya Smoked weed while pregnant….It must have been the fact that I didn’t like half the tasteless crap u gave me.. I’m sorry boo boo.. Don’t u have some rehab and custody court to attend to?

"And my brother has pllleeennnntyy of females STILL asking when is he kicking ya to the curb.. Line starts here >>>>… Don’t come at me ya drug addict pawning ya kids off left and right cuz you can’t handle them without David or my mama there to help u outta bed! Now shut up…. Oh yasss… MIC DROP"

David Eason Holds Jenelle Evans Bump VMAs 2016

Needless to say, at this point, things were getting really ugly, and Jenelle shot back with some serious accusations:

"Let’s talk your dirty laundry then.. how you got fired from New Hanover Hospital for larceny then your husband sells your only vehicle for a motorcycle when you guys have 5 kids. Smart lmao.

"Your husband smokes crack to tries to offer it to people 24/7 when you aren’t around. You two pop xanax all day and lay around the house with no car or anything to even leave your house with.

"Your own aunt Unfriended you on fb because of all this drama you’re carrying on about when it’s about his son… not about yourself sweetheart."

David Eason Kisses Jenelle Evans VMAs 2016

Hey, at least her husband tries to share his crack!

Executing a mic drop of her own, Jenelle added:

"You will never be considered family to me and david already texted you about this bullsh!t, so tell the truth. [David] hates your f**king guts and told me that he will just ignore you the rest of his life so talk to him about that."

Because obviously this feud will never end, Jessica then flipped the script by accusing Jenelle of using hard drugs, writing:

David Eason Picture

"I mean they both look like zombies on camera obviously since jenelle hospital shops for nerve pills.

"Seen in w my own eyes while I was working at NHRMC! She’s pathetic. My brother deserves better and ill take names and numbers for volunteers.

"She deserves the crack life style she has become accustomed to.. Barely able to speak and searching for her next fix. Gross."

Jenelle replied that Jessica "doesn’t know what she’s talking about," because she’s "probably messed up as we speak."

Tough to decide who’s in the right here, but we’re gonna go ahead and side with Jessica, because, well, Jenelle is Jenelle.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how psychotic Ms. Evans really is.

We should’ve known the sitcom mom act wouldn’t last for long.