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Over the summer, Jenelle Evans liked to brag that she was fighting two custody battles at once.

We’re not sure why she thought that was something to be proud of, but at least she emerged victorious from one of those legal skirmishes, winning primary custody of youngest son Kaiser from the boy’s father, Nathan Griffith.

Unfortunately for Jenelle, her other fight is not going quite so smoothly…

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bumpin!

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you’re probably aware that Jenelle’s mother, the inimitable Barbara Evans, has primary custody of Jenelle’s first son, Jace.

Despite accusations that Jenelle is on drugs and an unfit mother, her hearings for custody of Kaiser were over within a matter of days.

Conversely, Jenelle’s battle with Barbara has been raging for months, and it doesn’t look like these two will be easing up on each other any time soon.

Legal experts say the longer it drags on, the worse things look for Jenelle.

Barbara Evans Photo

According to Radar Online, hearings began on June 10, but scheduled court dates have been delayed on multiple occasions.

A July 5 hearing was pushed back to October 11, but then had to be canceled altogether due to Hurricane Matthew.

Insiders say the judge in Jenelle’s case is eager to wrap this thing up, and has taken steps to ensure that the matter is decided quickly.

Jenelle Evans Kaiser beach pic

“The judge is going to have a meeting of the attorneys on Friday to schedule a future court case,” a source close to the hearings tells Radar.

“There will be no outcome at the meeting.”

Jenelle Evans, Kids

Sources say Jenelle has maintained her regular visitation schedule with Jace throughout the custody fight.

She recently became irate when fans questioned if she still had visitation rights after several weeks passed without Jenelle posting any new photos of her eldest son.

“Why do I have to report to the public when I have my son?” she told Radar in a recent interview.

“It’s no one’s business.”

As for how this protracted legal battle has affected the relationship between Jenelle and her mother, well … neither side is talking.

Fortunately, the next season of TM2 was filming for much of the process, so we’ll soon get to see it all play out on MTV.