Farrah Abraham: SLAMMED For New Photo of Daughter Sophia!

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By most accounts, Farrah Abraham is not a great mom.

She talks about her daughter's future sex tape in interviews, and she generally seems to regard 8-year-old Sophia as a fashionable accessory to be trotted out whenever she can help satisfy Farrah's constant thirst for attention.

That said, it's possible that Farrah takes a bit too much flak sometimes for her decisions as a parent:

Farrah Abraham With Sophia Image

Farrah posted the above photo of herself with Sophia over the weekend, and Teen Mom fans took the opportunity to go off on the reality star they love to hate.

The image seems innocent enough.

It's a simple pic of Farrah and Sophia after a dance recital, and both mother and daughter appear to be in good spirits.

But that's not how Farrah's Instagram followers saw it.

Certified haters went off in the comments about everything from the mother and daughter's facial expressions to the placement of Sophia's feet.

Farrah Abraham, Sophia Abraham

"They both have a weird smile on their faces. Like they are trying their best to show human emotions because they are really cyborgs or something," wrote one creative critic.

"Stepford mother and daughter... love the creepy smiles. You Farah are the creepiest of them all and I gotta say Simon is even creepier than you," commented another.

Believe it or not, those remarks are downright tame compared to some of the trash that was talked in the comments section on Farrah's photo.

"You are truly evil. If I was your mother I would give you what you keep telling her and STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM YOU MONSTER," wrote one follower.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Picture

Continuing with the monster theme, another user commented:

“Poor Sophia [you’re] a beautiful child walking in a monster’s foot steps.”

Thankfully, most of the comments were directed at Farrah, not Sophia, but even so, several people took time out of their days to make fun of the way Sophia's feet are positioned, even though it's a standard dancer's pose.

Pretty much every time Farrah posts a photo of Sophia she takes a ton of flak in the comments, and oftentimes, it's completely warranted.

Farrah vacillates between being neglectful and exploitative when it comes to her daughter, and many of the concerns expressed by fans are legitimate.

But sometimes, people on social media just hate for sport, and that seems to be what's going on here.

You've made us side with Farrah Abraham, people.

We hope you're happy.

Watch Teen Mom online to relive all of Farrah's parenting low-lights.

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