Sophia Abraham Photos: Cute and Controversial!

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Poor Sophia Abraham.

And we really mean that: poor Sophia Abraham!

Only seven years old at the time of this writing, the little girl has basically seen her childhood taken away from her by a mother who insists on:

  • Dressing Sophia up like a model.
  • Caking her face in makeup.
  • Using her as a promotional shill for various money-making ventures.

The following photos are merely a few examples of all the inappropriate ways Farrah Abraham has poisoned her child...

1. Here You Go!

Here You Go!
When Sophia lost her first tooth, Farrah gave her $1,300 from the tooth fairy. Way to teach her the value of money!

2. Too Young To Be a Model?

Too Young To Be a Model?
Yes, Farrah, your child was way too young to pose for professional modeling photos at this time.

3. Look at My Store!

Look at My Store!
Farrah stuck Sophia in front of a boutique named in her honor and pretended as if Sophia helped come up with the idea for the business.

4. She's a Cheerleader!

She's a Cheerleader!
This really is a simple, cute picture. But onliny bullies turned it controversial by mocking Sophia's appearance.

5. Just... UGH!

Just... UGH!
Farrah insists that she did not have Sophia actually drink this "weight loss" tea. But the Teen Mom did make money by posing alongside her daughter while she shilled for it.

6. Too. Much. Makeup.

Too. Much. Makeup.
For the record? Any makeup on a seven-year old is too much.

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