Duggar Fans Throw Shade at Michelle, Wish Jana Happy Mother's Day

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If you watch Counting On online, you're probably aware Jana Duggar is much more than just the oldest sister in her family.

Dubbed "the Cinderella Duggar" by fans, Jana has long played a maternal role to her many younger siblings, and many fans think she does more in terms of day-to-day child-rearing than the family's actual matriarch, Michelle Duggar.

Jana Duggar is Awesome

Jana has committed the unforgivable sin of not being a married baby factory at the age of 27, so under Duggar Law, she's not allowed to have a social media account.

But yesterday, she was permitted to step away from the kitchen momentarily to wish Michelle a happy Mother's Day on the Duggars' official website.

“Mama, we’re so grateful for you and the many years you’ve invested in our lives, from the late night talks to the early mornings getting up and fixing us breakfast,” Jana says in a group video.

“There’s many more things that we appreciate about you, but those are just a few that really stand out.”

Jana Duggar Selfie

But some fans of the Duggar clan apparently don't share Jana's views on Michelle.

In fact, it seems a lot of the family's social media followers believe Jana is the one who really deserves the Mother's Day praise.

“Happy Mothers Day Jana! You have done more child-rearing than your mother ever has,” wrote one fan on the Duggars’ Facebook page.

“Everyone gives Meechelle the credit but all she ever did was push them out and then hand them over for someone else to raise.”

Jana Duggar: A Picture

“Actually a super sweet video, but for realllz where is Jana’s shoutout?!” commented another.

“She practically raised those kids! Happy Mother’s Day Jana!”

More than one fan pointed out that Jana appears to be carrying on her maternal role for a whole new generation, as she's reportedly indispensable in helping her sister Jessa Duggar with the raising of two young children.

Michelle, meanwhile, often seems more concerned with ensuring the continued success of the family media empire than with raising her youngest children and grandchildren.

Jana Duggar is Not Impressed

Clearly, Duggar obsessives have reason to believe that Jana is da real MVP.

But if they think Jana will ever join them in seeing things that way, they're sadly mistaken.

You don't get the nickname "Cinderella" by sitting around and reflecting on how awesome you are.

Of course, these days, Jana is reportedly courting Jonathan Hartono, so she finally has someone to sing her praises in real life - and not on social media where she'll never see it.

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