Jonathan Hartono and Jana Duggar: Courtship Confirmed?!

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Yesterday, it was reported that Jana Duggar is courting Jonathan Hartono, a Florida college student and longtime family friend.

The news was met with tremendous enthusiasm from Duggar fans, many of whom have been eagerly awaiting news that Jana has finally found Mr. Right.

Jonathan Hartono, Duggars

Thus far, however, there's been no official word from Jana or her family - but that doesn't mean there's no new information about this budding romance.

Insiders close to the Duggars tell celebrity gossip source Radar Online that Jana and Jonathan are the real deal.

They claim that she's been close with Hartono for years, in fact.

Part of the reason we didn't know about this is that she's been in constant contact with him as he works toward his degree out of state.

(No easy feat by any means, considering that unmarried, female Duggars are not permitted to use social media.)

The sources claim that despite the close bond that they've formed over the years, this outcome wasn't a given:

Jonathan Hartono With the Seewalds

Jana was pleasantly surprised when Hartono asked her father, Jim Bob Duggar, for permission to court his eldest daughter.

Obviously, if this courtship is indeed legitimate, he gave it, putting to rest rumors that he was long denying Jana that chance.

So how did the adorable, newly-minted couple meet?

Reportedly, through a program that matches foreign college students with Christian families who can host them during school breaks when they're unable to return home.

(Jonathan's parents still live in his native Indonesia.)

Hartono and his sister "often stayed with the Duggars during breaks from school in the summer and over holidays,” a family insider tells Radar.

Jonathan Hartono With the Duggars

“[Jonathan] was always over at their house."

"The Duggars watched over him like family.” 

The source adds that Jana and Jonathan instantly hit it off, and other Duggars have noted how well their personalities complement one another.

“I think he and Jana are actually a great match because he's so sweet and fun,” says one insider of the two effervescent, outgoing youngsters.

Even so, the sources say they weren't surprised by rumors of Jana courting Tim Tebow, as she tends to go for rugged, outdoorsy types.

That's by her own admission ... and Hartono most definitely is not that. Still, when you know, you know, as they say ... and it's for real!

While Jana may not have immediately thought of Hartono as courtship material, the bond between the them seems to have grown stronger with time.

Hartono has been spending time at the Duggar compound at least since 2014, even if fans haven't heard a lot about him.

That may well be by design, as the family is surely aware of the intense fan interest in Jana, and would want to keep it on the DL.

If it didn't work out, that would be a letdown, much worse than Josiah's failed courtship of Marjorie Jackson in many respects.

As for Jonathan, sources say he and Jana are beyond thrilled about the prospect of embarking on a new adventure together.

No doubt fans share that enthusiasm!

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