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As previously detailed, Christina El Moussa has not slept with her estranged husband in a very long time.

But this doesn’t mean Christina isn’t sleeping on Tarek El Moussa’s Instagram account.

The HGTV star took note of something Tarek wrote last Thursday on his personal page, wasted very little time with a very personal clap back.

Christina El Moussa in Big Boots

Late last week, Tarek posted a picture to his Instagram story of himself posing in front of a sign at BJ’s Cabana Bar in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

The sign read as follows:

"No guns, weapons of any type."

Adding his own text to the snapshot, Tarek wrote the words "or helicopters" and even tagged Christina with the message, completing his masterpiece with a middle finger emoji.

This was a misguided reference to the fight that put a nail in Tarek and Christina’s marriage.

About a year ago at this time, the Flip or Flop co-hosts got into a major argument at their home.

In response to whatever was said, Tarek grabbed a gun and stormed off into the woods.

Afraid of what he might do to himself, Christina called 911 and police eventually used a helicopter to track Tarek down.

No arrests were made and Tarek told authorities that he simply wanted a weapon with him in case he was confronted by any wild animals.

But it was still a very odd situation, a very disturbing reaction on his part and, shortly after this extreme spat, he and Christina separated.

Tarek Diss

So it doesn’t come as a shock that Christina didn’t find Tarek’s joke here to be particularly funny.

A day after his now-deleted image went live, Christina shared the picture above.

It’s a photo of the Empire State Building, along with the quote: “No time for bullshit when you’re building an empire.”

"True that," Christina wrote as a caption. "Only surround yourself with the best."

Ouch! She would seem to be strongly implying here that Tarek is NOT among the best.

Tarek El Moussa, Dog

Of course, Christina will be surrounded by Tarek for many more months going forward, after HGTV surprisingly picked up Flip or Flip for additional episodes.

Most had assumed the network would cancel this real estate-based reality show after the couple behind it split up.

But interest in Tarek and Christina has only increased since their divorce filing and since subsequent stories such as this one went up online.

Ratings have gone up, too, giving executives almost no choice but renew the show through the rest of this calendar year.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa in a Home

A source close to Tarek told TMZ that his Instagram post was supposed to be a mere quip – and he tagged Christina thinking she would find it humorous.

The middle finger emoji was reportedly directed at the incident, not his co-star.

Instead of remaining quiet about the incident, or just talking to Christina privately, Tarek may have made things worse when he replied on Friday to Christina’s response.

"#life is about having #fun and enjoying every #moment," he wrote, adding:

"people shouldn’t take things so seriously especially JOKES that are meant to be playful and fun…"

We’re sure that went over very well with Christina.