The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 4 Recap: The Etiquette of Friendship

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Now that the drama has started, who is gunning for who?

On The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 4, Dorinda decided it was time to say how she really felt about how she was being treated and it was pretty awesome. 

We picked up with Tinsley and Sonja arriving at Ramona's house. When the ladies went to get some food, Ramona quickly claimed that she was the one who cooked all the food. 

Um, okay then. Even Dorinda knew she was talking crap, but Ramona was not her target, so she got away with it. 

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After some snarky comments, Sonja sat next to both Dorinda and LuAnn and talked to them. 

"Shut your mouth," said a bewildered Dorinda, who was not impressed with Sonja talking as though she had not been running her mouth. 

Sonja then opened up about the reason she was talking to the press, claiming it was all because of her off-Broadway show. Dorinda basically called it a mess, while Tinsley defended her. 

Dorinda was not about to let the feud come to an end, screaming, “Fix the toilet in your townhouse!"

These ladies sure know how to keep it classy. 

Bethenny then rocked up in her car to pick up Carole, but Carole had to tell Ramona she was steering clear of her election-themed party. Carole felt like she was not well educated in politics and did not think it was a good idea. 

Bethenny Frankel Turns and Faces

The next morning, however, Ramona revealed that she was not impressed with the way Carole left her in the lurch over her party. Tinsley and Sonja could hear the ladies running their mouths about them. 

Dorinda must have felt horrible about the way she acted because she welcomed the ladies with open arms when they walked in. Is this feud over, or is Dorinda playing nice for a reason?

After that, Tinsley met up with Dorinda and LuAnn for lunch and never told Sonja about the meeting. If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, you will know that Sonja was the one who introduced Tinsley to the ladies. 

Tinsley opened up about Sonja's younger man named Edgar. Maybe she will not be all that happy about her supposed friend talking about her love life. 

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Back at home, Sonja confided in her intern about how upset she is with Tinsley for dissing her. Turns out, Sonja knew the owner of Tao, and he opened up to Sonja about her friends trashing her.

Sonja confronted Tinsley, but Tinsley wanted her to be cool because she's just back in New York and does not have any friends.  Sonja then opened up about Tinsley not getting her a birthday card and their feud ignited from there. 

It is definitely odd that Tinsley would just ditch her, but somehow, we're not really surprised. She's a bit like Eden Sassoon and the way she behaved on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to get more screen time. 

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