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Will Cookie and Lucious ever be able to make their relationship work?

That was one of the bigger questions on Empire Season 3 Episode 14 when it became apparent they worked better with other people. 

We picked up with a flashback of Lucious writing a song for Giuliana called "Crazy Crazy 4 U." We then got to see Lucious trying to woo a younger version of Nia Long’s Giuliana. 

Watch Empire Season 3 Episode 14 Online
Watch Empire Season 3 Episode 14 Online

It’s certainly a different way to use the flashbacks, one that showed us at home that Cookie has not always been the endgame for Lucious. 

“Was that before or after you divorced me?” Cookie asks, bringing Lucious out of daydream land.

Lucious asks, “Does it matter? We both know love and romance are all bull, right?”

“Well, it’s hot,” Cookie says.

Cookie then decided to open up about the fact Angelo hinted that he would be proposing to her if he won the primary. 

“Maybe you and he will have a much smoother ride than we did,” said Lucious. Even though she expected Lucious to end the relationship, Cookie was happy he said it. 

Lucious is Ready to Fight
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Lucious then told Cookie that the Vegas deal needed a stake to the heart. 

“This woman Andre is dealing with is very dangerous,” he explains of Giuliana. 

Meanwhile, Andre found a way to get the board involved in his plans for Nessa to get some hit songs for the Vegas deal. The commissioner approved because he was the one who brought up the whole Vegas deal.

Tory was reeled in to help out, but Andre was not impressed that she was late to the meeting. That’s when she dropped the bomb that Lucious had her working double duty on Inferno. 

Andre then turned to Giuliana to find out what her deal was with Lucious. 

"We met a long time ago,” she explains, “and he didn’t remember me, so clearly I didn’t make an impression.”

Cookie Is On A Mission
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We then got a flashback to Giuliana and Lucious meeting in a casino. She played roulette and Lucious watched on as he tried to get her attention. 

Cookie then tried to get the truth, with Lucious confirming they met years ago. He then told Cookie about how corrupt Rafael was. 

Lucious came up with a plan to have Tory release the song she was making for Nessa on Empire Xstream. 

Tiana and Hakeem were offered to introduce it in order to get revenge on Nessa for the way she acted. 

The launch went well, but Hakeem was pissed at the lengths Tory was going to immerse herself in the family. Tory felt like Jamal was not a fan of competition and that’s why he had no friends. 

Elsewhere, Anika wore her wire to meet Tariq and Cookie had nothing but praise for her. 

Tariq Is Not Impressed on Empire Season 2 Episode 1
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Anika stepped up for us,” Cookie says. “Gotta give her props for that. And she gave us Bella.”

Lucious packed a bag of money for Tariq to leave town and never look back. It seems Tariq is a goner. 

We then got to find out what happened between Lucious and Giuliana. Apparently, she stole $10 million from him. 

“Do you have any idea what I had to do to get that money?” Lucious says. “Bridges I burned? Friends I hurt?”

She said she would pay him back if the Vegas deal went through, but she could not without it. 

Andre Is Annoyed on Empire Season 3 Episode 4
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If you thought the drama was over, Angelo proposed to Cookie on live TV, with Cookie going crazy backstage at him putting her on the spot. 

He then said all the illegal things he had done for her, but his microphone was still on. Mrs. Dubois then steps in, claiming she will get rid of the Lyon family. 

Back at Leviticus, Lucious managed to get Giuliana on board and got rid of Andre and Nessa. Shyne decided to round up the troops to take Lucious out. 

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