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A few days ago, Kylie Jenner shared a selfie — hard to believe, we know, but stick with us.

The photo showed Kylie in a long-sleeved tee, pulled up to show off her midriff, and some underwear, and also what appeared to be an unnaturally bending bit of architecture.

Kylie Jenner Photoshopped?
Photo via Instagram

See that white thing on the left? That’s a curtain, and it looks like it’s laying in a strange way, right?

That’s what several of Kylie’s Instagram followers thought, and the general consensus was that Kylie had edited the image to make her waist look smaller, but in doing so, she left some tell-tale signs of bad Photoshopping.

It could just be a strange photo, or she could have tweaked it a little bit. It’s hard to say.

But in the end, it doesn’t really matter, right? It’s just comments on an Instagram post, it’s not like Kylie pays attention anyway.

However, according to a sad new report from Hollywood Life, Kylie does pay attention.

Kylie Jenner for Instagram
Photo via Instagram

And all these cries of "Photoshop!" have really gotten to her.

"Kylie grew up feeling like the ugly duckling compared to Kendall who was gorgeous from day one," a source explains. "Not only that but she had an older sister like Kim who was considered the most beautiful girl in the world."

"The whole family is judged by their looks and Kylie felt like she couldn’t compete."

Sounds like some deep insecurities, huh? And, as some would say, sounds like a good explanation for why she could have gotten all that rumored plastic surgery.

Poor Kylie.

Kylie Jenner Underboob

"She feels good about herself and doesn’t need Photoshop to look good," the source continues. "So when haters accuse her of altering her image it’s like they are saying she’s ugly and having to fake it."

"It hurts."

No one’s saying that Kylie is ugly and uses Photoshop to look pretty — well, no one except extreme haters. People are theorizing that Kylie used Photoshop to look, in her eyes, even better.

But sometimes you can’t reason with the heart, you know?

The insider says that Kylie "works hard to look good," and that she’s "meticulous about her clothes, her style and of course her makeup."

Kylie at Fashion Week
Photo via Getty

"Not only that but she does work out. She’s not a workout fiend like her sisters but she does take care of herself and her body."

The source concludes with "Those kind of accusations can hurt her brand, her image and her income if people think she’s a fake."

… Oh, honey.

If you consider plastic surgery to be "fake," then, sorry to say, many people already think that. And her brand, her image and her income seem to be doing just fine.

Kylie Jenner Butt Implants
Photo via Instagram

Her career isn’t going to be destroyed by some Instagram comments, though unfortunately it looks like we can’t say the same for her self esteem.

So Kylie, girl, listen: you’re beautiful, you’ve always been beautiful, don’t worry about it.

And remember, beauty lies not only on the outside, it’s not only about huge asses and alleged breast implants and as much makeup as you can pile on your face without it sliding off.

It’s also on the inside. So maybe focus on that for a little bit instead.