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Oh please. For Kylie Jenner, it’s more like:


Lame as that joke was, we’re not wrong.

The reality starlet has learned from half-sister Kim Kardashian that selfies sell, and she’s taken it to a new level on Instagram.

With 70 million followers (seventy million, yes) and counting, there’s no telling where she may end up by the time she’s 21.

Regardless, the newly-19-year-old Kylie spends more time posing in front of her own camera that doing nearly anything else.

Girl poses for selfies like it’s her job. Which we suppose it kind of is. What a world. Don’t hate the player, though. Hate the game.

Or better yet, just admit it, you love it.

Take a look below at Kylizzle’s most memorable efforts – including her most recent, sensual 19th birthday grill and cleavage shots: