Kylie Jenner: Did Fans Just Catch Her in MASSIVE Photoshop Fail?!

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In this world, there are a few facts that are undeniable.

The earth is round. Climate change is real. Kylie Jenner loves a good belfie.

Kylie at Fashion Week

And today, we're going to be talking about that last one.

Kylie Jenner has probably shared somewhere around three billion selfies in her nineteen years of life, and in the past couple of years, they've gotten more and more scandalous.

She particularly enjoys the previously mentioned "belfie," but she's also down for some lingerie selfies, some bikini selfies ...

Really, if it's a selfie that will showcase her ever-changing body, Kylie is down.

And that's why we're in the predicament we're in right now.

Kylie Jenner Photoshopped?

Last night, our girl shared this new photo. She's rocking a long-sleeved tee and some Puma underpants, and she looks great, right?

Of course she does. As ridiculous as she can be, she is attractive, that much is indisputable.

But while Kylie looks good, unfortunately we can't say the same for the space around her.

If you can tear your eyes away for just a moment, check out that big white thing on the left. See the way it bulges out, right where her waist curves in?

That, friends, is a pretty tale-tell sign of some amateur Photoshopping.

Kylie Jenner's New Curves

And her followers were quick to point it out.

"Poorly photoshopped babe," one person pointed out. "We've all been there -- but girl -- you're always taking pictures -- you should be the queen at it now."

"Pretty bad photoshop with that curve in the wall," someone wrote, and another said "The wall is bending but okay."

One particularly savage Instagram user wrote "Hahahaha when you're 19, rich, and had so much plastic surgery yet you still need to edit your pics."

Several people pointed out the issue with this photo, but others jumped to Kylie's defense, saying that the white thing to her left isn't a wall or a door frame, but a curtain.

Kylie Jenner in Underwear on Snapchat

And that's true: Kylie posted another photo in the same "outfit" in the same place, and in that one it's clear that she's standing by a curtain.

But still, curtains don't bulge like that, either.

Also, upon comparing the photos, it's clear that the curtains don't curve like that, and while her waist is obviously small, it's not as small as it is in the supposedly altered image.

It's just strange, because why would she even bother with editing her photos?

Like we keep saying, she's gorgeous, and she has a great body, so why bother to make her waist look even smaller, especially when she's not even going to put in the effort to do it right?

Just ... just chill for a little bit, Kylie.

Take a break from the selfies and the belfies and all of this. Get some perspective. And perhaps some Photoshop tutorials.

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