Josh Duggar: Forced to List All the Women He Slept With or Talked to Under Oath!

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As reported earlier, Josh Duggar will be forced to testify in a lawsuit by a Los Angeles DJ whose pics he stole for online dating profiles. 

Frivolous as this lawsuit is, the results of his testimony could be quite interesting, and revealing - and couldn't come at a worse time.

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While the disgraced star's wife Anna has seemingly forgiven him for his sexual transgressions, the legal system isn't moving on yet.

Barring an 11th-hour settlement, Josh will testify under oath about his OKCupid and Ashley Madison accounts, which were outed in 2015.

Josh apparently went online and ganked photos of Matthew McCarthy, rather than using pics of himself obvious reasons, for his profiles.

McCarthy's claim that this act hurt his personal and professional reputation and that he's entitled to damages as a result? Kind of absurd.

Nevertheless, he is making said claim, and Duggar has been unable to settle the lawsuit or get it thrown out so far, so here we are.

Now, here's where it gets really interesting ...

Anna, Joshua Duggar Photo

McCarthy wants to know about everyone Josh spoke with while using the stolen profile pics to "better understand the extent of his deception."

Yes, this is actually going to be revealed.

He demands to know the details of every person Josh contacted while using OKCupid and Ashley Madison, and by extension his photos.

Josh reportedly had a fling with Danica Dillon, a dancer and sometime actress, during his double life of infidelity. See (NSFW) pics below.

Beyond that, no Duggar mistresses have come forward, making you wonder if the dude had any success on these dating sites at all.

(We would love to see Josh file a loosely related lawsuit against both sites for serving up fake profiles, but that's wishful thinking, sadly.)

It's worth noting that Dillon's own legal actions against Josh were thrown out of court, so evidence of him doing anything is pretty flimsy.

He did have online dating accounts, and by his own admission was unfaithful to Anna, but the extent of his philandering is a bit of a mystery.

Josh's wandering eye, and possibly package, will be discussed under oath, but it's his previous sex scandal that caused the most damage.

According to McCarthy, that is.

Because Duggar was exposed for having once molested his sisters as a teenager, that makes “forced association” him very damaging.

Says the plaintiff's attorney:

“That makes [his] forced association with Duggar all the more painful ... He certainly would rather not be associated with a child molester."

He cites “anxiety, depression, embarrassment, humiliation, loss of self-esteem, extreme mental anguish as well as emotional distress.” 

Imagine how Josh's actual victims felt. Or his wife, who toiled away raising four (soon to be five) of his kids while he was off doing this.

The lawsuit could not come at a worse time, with Anna Duggar pregnant for the fifth time and the family rebuilding its brand on TLC.

According to the Duggars, Josh completed a Christian rehabilitation program and the couple continues therapy to overcome their issues.

However, that doesn't mean they want this back in the news, and if it is discovered that Josh was more unfaithful than previously believed?

We can't imagine Duggar Nation will react well.

This is already a guy who is persona non grata and gets scrubbed out of Counting On like he doesn't exist (see gallery above).

Yes. Even if he attends family functions.

It's a fine line, but so far, the family and network have walked it, keeping the pariah sidelined enough to protect the reality TV empire.

Still, another Josh scandal - which could be right around the corner now - would undoubtedly hurt the likelihood of continued renewals.

There's no amount of side hugs, courtships, weddings, pregnancies, births or Jinger Duggar wearing pants that can make up for that.

Fans have a long fuse, but not that long.

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