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Stripper and sometime sex worker Danica Dillon is telling all about her affair with disgraced reality star Josh Duggar … and revealing all on Twitter.

Yes, she has quite an active presence on there, and if you want to see for yourself, we strongly suggest you keep the Safe Search filter on. #trustus

Dillon says that after borderline stalking her at a strip club, Josh Duggar paid her for sex – rough sex, in which he manhandled and verbally abused her.

She calls the experience (along with the second time she slept with him, in which he was physically gentler but still verbally abusive) “traumatizing.”

So who is the mystery brunette (likely the first of multiple) who Josh was so smitten with that he strayed from his pregnant, loyal, long-suffering wife?

Here are some of the photos we can actually show you.