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The ladies continued to bicker on the second part of the reunion spectacular, but some of them also broke down in tears. 

Yes, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 22 was an emotional affair that proved these ladies do like each other… even if they spend much of the season fighting. 

Kandi Burruss Reunites
Photo via Bravo

We kicked things off with Andy Cohen questioning whether Porsha Williams really did attend anger management. Kandi was quick to point out that she felt like Porsha was lying once again. 

When it came to Porsha attacking Kenya on the boat, Phaedra claimed that the other women purposefully bullied Porsha to get a reaction from her. 

Andy then wanted to know where Kenya’s head was at with Matt Jordan. 

“He was very sweet. He always seemed like a nice guy,” she began.

Kenya on the Reunion

“When he started to show all these weird signs of getting angry, hitting things, but not being mad at me. I didn’t really equate that to him being abusive.”

Things took a hilarious turn when Cynthia tried to act as though she, herself questioned why Kenya was taking him back all the time. The problem? 

Cynthia was part of the reason Kenya took him back on multiple occasions. Andy quizzed her on this, but she brushed it off, saying she felt they could make it work. 

Just when we thought the drama was dying down, Andy confirmed that Matt had shared a Woman Crush Wednesday post, claiming he was into Porsha. 

“Thanks, but no thanks,” Porsha said, but did she really mean it, or was she merely saying that to keep Kenya quiet? We’ll probably find out at some point. 

We finally got some much-needed insight into whether Phaedra was talking smack about her divorce timeline. Phaedra said she could not understand why Apollo Nida was contesting the divorce because she already gave him $100,000. 

She brought along her final judgment papers, saying the divorce was completed on July 12, 2016. Kenya chimed in, saying there was no divorce of Apollo would not be able to contest it. 

The ladies continued to fire words of criticism at each other, but it never really got them anywhere. Andy asked Phaedra about why she only told Porsha about the divorce. 

Phaedra claimed she only felt like telling friends. Um, okay. 

We then found out more about Sheree’s strained relationship with Bob and whether she was still talking to him. Phaedra confirmed she felt like his comments about choking Sheree were a step too far and that he should be answering for them. 

Sheree said she had kept all of his comments away from her kids.

“With Bob, it was a lot of verbal, emotional abuse, and we have had some altercations,” she said.

Sheree Whitfield Talks
Photo via Bravo

“I have not talked about it for 10 years. I wanted to protect my kids and I just never wanted to talk about it.”

Well, that was quite the relationship drama. Right?!

What did you think of the second part of the reunion? Are you on board for more?