The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Mom Is Here!

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The ladies of Potomac have proven time and time again that they are not afraid to speak their minds. 

On The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 4, Charrisse threw a crazy sweet sixteen party for her daughter, and it did not really go to plan. 

The odd thing about all of it was that Ashley was catering the event. Um, is this a way to plug her failing restaurant or something? It certainly seems that way. 

Charrisse's husband was also revealed to be attending, and Charrisse had a perfect response to the haters. 

“He’s paying for it so he might as well get invited,” Charrisse says to Ashley and Monique. The ladies nodded in agreement with her, so at least we know these Potomac ladies all share a brain. 

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Ashley then used this bonding as an opportunity to tell Monique about Gizelle trashing her. The ladies looked annoyed, and it was clear Monique was going to find a way to get revenge. 

At the party, Ashley's food did not go down a treat. In fact, it went quite the opposite way.  She claimed that she misread her customers, and did not even reveal that she used old stock she struggled to sell in the restaurant. 

“If they don’t like bacon, there’s no way they’re eating the kangaroo sliders I sent over,” Ashley says. 

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When Eddie appeared, Ashley wanted to be introduced. Was she looking for someone to fund her failing business? Either way, Charrisse was not impressed and told her friend to keep quiet. 

“Now they won’t even make eye contact with each other,” Ashley says about the former couple. 

“I have no idea why Ashley’s obsessed with my marriage. The little girl definitely needs to stay in her lane,” Charrisse says. Yeah, you tell her, Charrisse. 

Monique then gifted her daughter with a trip to Tahiti. Yes, she did so in front of everyone at the event. That's what parents do to show off they have some money. 

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Meanwhile, Gizelle's mother appeared in town, and it became apparent that her friend, Kevin, was way happier to see her than her own daughter. 

Kevin had prepared lunch for them, but the mother only seemed concerned about learning whether the two could ever be more than friends. Kevin was surprisingly positive on the matter. 

Later, the ladies met up at the hookah-bar to have some drinks and throw some shade. The ladies thought it was tacky that Robyn brought half a bottle of liquor. 

Tensions flared when Gizelle blew off Monique when she arrived at the event. Ashley then said she was upset she did not get to meet Eddie. 

“Wasn’t about you that night, Ashley. Wasn’t about you,” Gizelle says.

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“You do not want to get on my bad side,” Charrisse warns.

“I don’t understand why Ashley won’t just shut her mouth,” Gizelle says to the camera. 

Monique then decided to call out the ladies for trashing her. 

“Since I’ve been coming around, you’re the only person who has been standoffish,” Monique says, but the scene quickly descended into everyone against Monique. 

“We all have to earn our way to trust and dysfunction,” Karen says.

These ladies really are horrid. 

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