Jenelle Evans: Feuding with Farrah Abraham's Mother?!

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OK, so this is pretty embarrassing.

You know that thing that Jenelle Evans does where she'll do literally anything for attention?

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Just as an example, last week, right after the story about a United Airlines passenger getting assaulted and dragged off a flight went viral, Jenelle claimed the same thing had happened to her.

That's some next-level attention-seeking, and Jenelle is all about it.

So when she heard that Debra Danielsen, the woman who brought Farrah Abraham into the world, was talking about her -- and when she realized people were talking about it -- she decided to throw her two cents in.

And that's how what could very possibly be the dumbest feud in Teen Mom history began.

To recap, Debra was asked in an interview to give her opinion about Jenelle, and she explained that she would "advise Jenelle to reset her priorities in life."

Farrah Abraham's Mom

When asked about Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans, she said that she'd heard that Barb had been talking trash about Farrah, so she wasn't a fan.

Pretty tame, right?

Not to Jenelle.

The Teen Mom 2 mess tweeted in response to Deb that "I'm pretty sure my priorities are straightened out now... she needs to find a job and stop living off Farrah."

"And yes," she added, "my mom thinks that you're weird as f-ck and no she doesn't like your daughter, get over it."


She also asked why Deb was even following her on Twitter, writing "Hahahah wow, but you call @CatelynnLowell two faced?! Right ..."

To that last question, Debra replied with "I follow you because I believe you are beautiful and have great potential. I would like to see you became all you are created to be."

And while that was an exceptionally classy response, don't worry -- Debra got all her true, catty feelings out with plenty of retweets.

She retweeted someone who told her that "Jenelle is just mad because she knows when she's your age, nobody will know or care who the hell she is."

She also retweeted some nonsense about how all the other Teen Moms are jealous of Farrah "because she is successful and takes great care of her child."

Farrah Abraham, Mom

Yeah, we're sure that's it.

While you're gathering yourself over that insanely ridiculous statement, know that Debra got super, super real with one more of her retweeted burns.

"Maybe David should get a job and stop living off Jenelle," the message read.

It's just beautiful because Jenelle was so quick to bash Debra that she wrote "she needs to find a job and stop living off Farrah" when she herself has only held a couple of waitressing jobs for maybe a total of a few months.

And, like that one wise follower of Deb's wrote, David is doing the same thing she's accusing Debra of doing.

And this is the story of how Jenelle Evans was so quick to lash out and maybe get some press that she deeply embarrassed herself.

Or, you know, one of the stories.

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