Teen Mom 2 Reunion Recap: Nathan Griffith Brags About "P-Bug"

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On the second half of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special Monday, Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer took their respective turns in the hot seat.

The former dominated the episode, however. Why?

As you know if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, Jenelle is engaged to David Eason, who just became the father of her third child Ensley.

Yet her prior fiance has made just as much news.

Nathan Griffith, who fathered her second son Kaiser, wants to get back together with her, or so she told Dr. Drew on last night's catch-up.

The shameless doctor wasn’t totally convinced.

Drew told Jenelle that she may be reading a bit too much into certain texts that Nathan sent her, though one does seem kind of weird.

According to Jenelle, Nathan wrote this to David Eason - the dude Evans is currently engaged to, and living with - in a late night text:

“You’re just jealous of my p-bug, man.”

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans Half-Naked

Wondering what a p-bug is, readers?

You aren't alone. David himself didn't know, so he asked Jenelle what the hell that is, and she revealed “that’s what [Nathan] calls his penis.”

So Nathan is texting David bragging about the size of his junk late at night, when he could and should be doing ... a lot of other things.

Pretty much anything else, really.

Jenelle was not amused by this incident, but Nathan, who was sitting on the couch next to her (not awkward at all), explained to Dr. Drew:

“Ryan, her friend, told me that I guess she had a naked picture of me," Griffith said, alluding that Eason was all fired up about this.

"[David] got really upset because he said, ‘I’m sorry I don’t have a bigger penis than Nathan and can’t satisfy you the way he did.'”

Jenelle and Nathan Half-Naked

Jenelle quickly went on the defensive ... about Ryan.

“I don’t talk to Ryan,” she said, but David was upset to the point where he refused come out on stage with Jenelle, leaving Nathan there.

Later, Jenelle called Ryan to verify if Nathan’s story was true, and he denied it; Jenelle thus told the crowd and Dr. Drew that her ex lies.

He lies.

That may be, but regardless, Jenelle's issues were far from over as her mother Barbara Evans came out on stage to feud with her as well.

She and Jenelle fought over custody of Jace, and how they've both been so hurt by one another and by the situation at hand. It was sad.

Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans Selfie Pic

Jenelle said that she deserves custody of her first-born child (whose dad, Andrew Lewis, is totally MIA), because she just “bought land.”

Real estate purchases translate to good parenting, right? Barbara was unmoved, saying she’s hurt that Jenelle has been shutting her out.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, little got resolved by the time it was Leah Messer's turn to take the stage to talk about her own turbulent life.

Which, amazingly, isn't that turbulent.

Leah's girls are doing great in school, she says, and things between herself, Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson have been very strong.

Even Jeremy Calvert, he of the Teen Mom 2 Instagram rants, couldn't muster up a whole lot of enthusiasm - good or bad - from Leah.

No news is good news for her?

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