Jeremy Calvert: Teen Mom 2 Editing is Bulls--t! MTV Ruins Lives Through Social Engineering!

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Teen Mom 2's Jeremy Calvert, Leah Messer's ex, has had it with what he considers unfair editing on the popular MTV reality show.

Biting the hand that made him a quasi-celebrity, you might say? Jer doesn't see it that way. Rather, he considers the charade a detriment:

Calvert took to his Instagram page to deliver a short but pointed video rant in which he accused the network of manipulating storylines.

Taking issue with a deleted scene from the premiere, he promised that he wouldn't allow MTV's portrayal of him to be unfairly one-sided:

“This season of Teen Mom 2 when s--t’s not edited and portrayed correctly as it took place in real time," Jeremy promised his followers:

"Now that this clip has come to my attention, you’re gonna hear my own statement and my own side of s--t of how it’s not edited correctly.”

“So stay tuned.” 

Grammatical imperfections aside, Jeremy makes a point he has raised before - and he continued his diatribe in the video's caption.

Jeremy, Brooke

Jeremy wrote:

“Large media corporations have a tendency to socially engineer viewers to instill an emotion on viewers which is most lucrative for their stakeholders."

"Holding no regard for the impact they can have on my life, and the life of my family,” he continued, the network exploits him ... for now.

Be on notice:

“As a repercussion for deceitful editing, I will address each scene with what really happened. I appreciate all of your support over the years.”

In the clip he's referring to, Leah Messer was driving in the car with their daughter Adalynn after picking her up from a visit with Jeremy.

During the car ride, Leah talked about Jeremy's engagement to Brooke Wehr, his longtime girlfriend. Here's what MTV put on its website:

"I guess he got engaged on his vacation,” Leah said. “I mean, he was like, ‘Yeah, I got engaged.’ But then he was like, ‘It’s just engaged.'"

"'It’s not that serious.’”

Leah's implication was that she was cool with it, but that Jeremy may not be excited about being engaged to Wehr, at the end of the day.

"I just hope that this is serious and something that you really want for the sake of our child," she said, and Jeremy was none too pleased. 

Somewhat ironically, one person who might share his opinion on the producers not treating the cast fairly regarding editing is ... Messer.

Leah has made this view clear before, and even said that worrying about editing gives her anxiety and adversely impacts her parenting.

That said ...

She still had a full-on "panic attack" when she lost her keys before her twins' tee-ball game on the Season 8 premiere of the show January 2.

"I'm going to be super late. I cannot be late for their game. Every time MTV is here something like this has to happen," Messer said.

Fans slammed Messer - who, in the past, has criticized Jeremy for not being there for Addie -  for blaming MTV for her parenting struggles.

"Oh look, Leah hasn't changed a bit," one follower said.

Another viewer reacted incredulously: "Leah only functions like a hot wreck when MTV is there? Does all the crayon on the wall say LIAR?"

Wow. Maybe she and Jer should form a support group.

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