Rob Kardashian Claps Back at Haters: I AM a Good Dad!

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Earlier this week, several media outlets reported that Rob Kardashian is not permitted to be alone with his daughter due to his persistent physical and mental health issues.

“He is not in a state to care for her by himself," one anonymous insider revealed.

The news was a shock to many fans, as it came on the heels of Rob's touching social media tribute to 3-month-old Dream, as well as reports that the father of one had made tremendous progress in recent months.

Rob Kardashian, Daughter

There was a time when Rob would publicly challenge reports that he'd fallen back into his old habits.

Some believe the fact that he's kept quiet thus far is a sign that he's in a more stable place emotionally.

Others say his silence is a clear indication that the reports are accurate, and that Rob is in fact not allowed to care for his baby without supervision.

But just because he hasn't clapped back in one of his signature social media tirades, that doesn't mean Rob is taking this latest round of criticism lying down.

Perhaps at the behest of his concerned momager, Rob has been holding off on explicit counterattacks, instead attempting to prove his haters wrong through his actions - actions that he documents on Instagram, of course:

Dream Kardashian Instagram Pic

Rob posted the above photo of Dream last night, and it immediately began racking up the likes. 

He captioned the image:

"Drool on my baby lol ,,, Look how long her eye lashes are I will never say no this Woman lol"

Now, it's entirely possible that this is just Rob's way of affection for his love for his daughter with his millions of social media followers.

But it's hard to ignore the timing of the love-fest.

Rob Kardashian and Daughter Dream

To be clear, we don't doubt Rob's feeling for his daughter, and we're inclined to believe that he's a perfectly capable and devoted dad.

But the Kardashians don't do anything without a thought toward how it'll be perceived by the public, so it's entirely possible that those who are interpreting Rob's post as a subtle response to the latest speculation are absolutely correct.

Now that Rob and Blac Chyna are broken up for good, we'll probably see a lot more of this sort of thing, as Rob attempts to prove to his ex, to his fans, and to himself that he's up to the task of raising a daughter.

But if it helps to actually rise to the occasion of doing so, then that's perfectly alright.

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