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It’s been almost three months since Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna welcomed their daughter Dream into the world.

While the couple’s ups and downs are very well documented, it seems that Rob has been doing everything in his power to reassure fans who were concerned that he’s not up to the task of raising a child.

Rob Kardashian and Daughter Dream

Obviously, the most important thing the 29-year-old has been doing is simply being there for his little girl as much as possible.

Despite the fact that he and Blac have broken up and are living in separate homes, he appears to be doing just that.

But while his baby girl is clearly his top priority, Rob has been taking the time to demonstrate to his social media followers that he’s a good parent.

There have been some reports, and appearances to the contrary, but Dream is growing up in a stable, loving environment:

Rob posted the above photo on Instagram last night, along with the following caption:

"Saying bye to my beautiful baby girl … she is smiling at me. U see how she looking at her daddy. I literally can’t get enough of this girl."

Rob Kardashian, Daughter

Added the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star:

"I never felt a love or happiness like this ever in my life and she makes me so happy … about to miss her so much. Love You baby Dream." 

While it’s certainly not a perfect situation – and Rob is obviously struggling with the shared custody arrangement – it’s nice to see.

The fact that Rob is so upbeat about life, and so committed, to the task of ensuring his daughter’s happiness is wonderful.

After all, it wasn’t all that long ago that Kardashian was completely adrift, and his family understandably feared for his life.

The younger brother of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe was unemployed, drinking and drugging heavily, and compulsively overeating.

A number of factors helped snap Rob out of his destructive downward spiral, seemingly just in time.

Rob was diagnosed with diabetes; his family begged him to change his ways; and, perhaps most importantly, he started dating Blac Chyna. 

Rob and Blac moved fast.

They were pregnant and expecting a child within months of when they first hooked up.

There were doubts about Rob’s ability to be raise a child, but thus far, those closest to the reality star say that he’s exceeded their highest expectations.

While the situation with Blac may not have worked out, it seems that tumultuous relationship was a painful but necessary step forward for Rob.

Rob Kardashian Hugs Blac Chyna

Often times in life, things that don’t end up the way we might have planned still serve as valuable stepping stones for future endeavors.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and all that.

To wit, these days, he’s reportedly committed with his whole heart to the task of being the best father to Dream that he can be.

While he’s obviously doing everything in his power to provide the best possible for his daughter, the relationship isn’t one-sided.

If you think about it, Dream and her presence may have already done more for Kardashian than he could ever do for her.

Rob may never attain the levels of wealth and fame enjoyed by his sisters, but we’re guessing that’s okay with him, and his fans.

It’s looking more and more like he may be the Kardashian family’s greatest success story, and for the most meaningful of reasons.