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Question for Emmy voters:

Can we just hand every trophy this year to the writing staff on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta?

Kirk Frost Looks Worried

It was clear this group was working hard when it came up with the idea of Kirk Frost knocking up his side chick late last year, helping to spread that rumor a few months prior to the premiere of Season 6.

But then producers went ahead and actually hired this side chick (someone named Jasmine Washington) to be a series regular on the latest run of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

She’s joined Kirk and wife Rasheeda on the opening set of episodes, which have been nothing short of historically epic and totally amazing.

Frost claims to be happily married to Rasheeda and has denied impregnating Washington, and a new report now backs up that claim…

… in hilariously convoluted fashion.

Strap in, folks, and scroll down for the latest on this baby daddy scandal:

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According to In Touch Weekly, Washington has been pulling a con on Kirk ever since questions over her baby son’s paternity went viral in December.

The tabloid quotes an insider who alleges Washington has been in a romantic relationship for more than a decade with a man named Logan.

She supposedly knows that Logan is her child’s father, but she’s been swindling Kirk for some time to get as much money out of him as she can.

"Jasmine Washington, the woman who claims that Kirk is the father of her son, has had a boyfriend by the name of Logan for 11 years," the source tells In Touch, adding:

"Logan’s father, who passed away, was named Cannon."

This name will soon become a lot more important. Keep reading…

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In this bombshell magazine report, the source goes on to explain how Rod Bullock, who formerly banged Mimi Faust in bed, isn’t just Washington’s ex-boyfriend as well – but also her pimp!

As in, he actually takes a cut of the money Washington makes off of her sexual partners?

Or he pimps Washington out in a less literal sense, simply working with her to blackmail people for their money?

It’s unclear.

"Rod Bullock, who is Jasmine’s pimp and was recently released from federal prison, did not know that Jasmine was seeing Logan and himself at the same time," the source says.

"Jasmine actually told Logan’s mom that she was pregnant and she named her son Cannon after Logan’s deceased father. She also admitted that Cannon is not Kirk’s baby."

Once Rod learned that Washington was expecting, he hatched the idea to accuse Frost of fathering this child.

Why not "take advantage of this Love & Hip Hop opportunity," he figured?

"In upcoming episodes, this information will be revealed as Jasmine and Rod are trying to set up Kirk," the insider previews, explaining:

"Once Rod found out Jasmine was pregnant, he told her, ‘Let’s take advantage of this Love & Hip Hop opportunity.’ However, he didn’t know about Logan at the time.

"Jasmine then changed the spelling of her son’s name to a ‘K’ because all of Kirk’s kids’ names begin with the letter ‘K’ after him."

As you might expect, Washington will be confronted by Logan in a future episode, as producers seek to play up this storyline as much as they can.

"When Logan (the real father of the baby) shows up to film a scene about the entire situation, Jasmine is blindsided and runs out the room because she realizes he is about to blow up her entire false story," the insider says of an upcoming installment.

"Jasmine had no idea the producers dug up her ex-boyfriend."

If this isn’t enough to prompt you to watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online every week going forward, there’s really nothing we can do for you.

You clearly don’t know good television when you see it.