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From the moment the world learned that Blac Chyna was dating Rob Kardashian, it was rumored that the relationship was nothing more than an act of supreme gold-digging.

The most cynical theorists maintained that Blac was after far more than just Rob’s money.

Many believed both then and now that she was playing the long con – pursuing the wealth and fame that she could attain only by acquiring Rob’s iconic last name for herself.

Blac Chyna with Dream
Photo via Instagram

These days it’s hard to see the relationship as anything other than a semi-failed cash-grab executed by Blac.

She even filed papers to change her name to Angela Kardashian, despite the fact that she and Rob never reached the point of setting a wedding date.

But Blac hasn’t given up on her efforts to cash in on the Kard clan’s lucrative moniker.

After all, she now has ties to the family that are more powerful than a marriage certificate.

We’re talking, of course, about Blac and Rob’s daughter, Dream Kardashian.

Blac Chyna, New Look
Photo via Instagram

Dream is only four months old, but when you’re born to two parents who make their bucks off social media, you start earning from day one.

According to a new report published by TMZ, Blac stopped by a government buikding in Los Angeles yesterday to ensure that both of her kids are legally allowed to start bringing in the bucks.

It was initially thought that Blac went to the office to settle a legal beef.

(She’s reportedly had problems with both of her baby daddies in recent weeks, and sources say Tyga is behind on child support payments.)

Blac Chyna Family Portrait
Photo via Instagram

But now the site’s sources are claiming that Blac was actually securing work permits Dream and 4-year-old King Cairo.

Yes, at 4 months and 4 years old respectively, Blac’s kids can now legally be paid for on-camera appearances in the state of California.

It may sound a bit icky, but it’s sort of a necessity.

After all, they’ll almost certainly continue to make occasional appearances on Kardashian-related reality shows, and you can’t blame Blac for making sure her kids get paid.

But you can still blame her for getting engaged to and impregnated by a guy because his sisters are famous.

That part is still super gross and weird.