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Say what you will about Blac Chyna, the girl moves fast when she’s going after something she wants.

Blac Chyna Shows off a Diamond Ring

Just a few months after getting Future’s name tattooed on her hand, Blac is fully wifed up with Rob Kardashian, and she’s sealing the deal every which way she can.

First, Rob and Blac got engaged.

Shortly thereafter, we learned that Blac is pregnant with Rob’s baby.

Now, Blac is planting her flag in Rob’s most valuable asset – his famous surname.

Yes, according to TMZ Ms. Chyna has already filed papers to trademark the moniker "Angela Kardashian."

According to the documents, Blac will have soon the exclusive rights to use the name for “entertainment services, namely live television and movie appearances,” as well as “living as a social media celebrity, model, actress, and performer.”

That’s right – she doesn’t even have the name yet, but she’s already planning a future as "social media celebrity" Angela Kardashian.

You’d have to head to San Francisco circa 1849 to find this much gold diggin’ going on.

Asked what Rob thinks about the move, Blac reportedly replied, "Rob who?"

We kid! Sure, Blac basically just confirmed that the whole relationship is a blatant cash grab, but Rob grew up around that kind of behavior, so we’re sure he’s used to it.

And hey, it’s not like his bride-to-be is the only one cashing in.

Blac and Rob are reportedly fielding seven-figure offers for what will likely be the most boring reality show in history.

Not only do these two have zero chemistry together, they’re basically only famous because of their relationships to other famous people, and all of the drama surrounding their relationship is already playing out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Don’t get us wrong – interest in the couple remains high, and we’re sure Blac will be able to cash in on her new name, but we may have already passed peak ChyRo.