Blac Chyna: Rob Kardashian & Tyga Are Teaming Up On Me!

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From the moment that the world learned that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were dating, it was widely assumed that the relationship wouldn't work out.

And many predicted that when (not if) it blew up in their faces, the breakup would be one of the messiest in recent Hollywood history.

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Now, that time has come.

Rob and Blac are done (for good this time, it seems) and the split is every bit as ugly as we expected.

As you probably know, the whole situation was fraught with peril from the start.

In case you've lived a life blissfully ignorant of the goings-on within the Kardashian clan, but are still reading this article for some reason, here's a very brief rundown of how we got to this point:

Blac got engaged to, and had a baby, with rapper and professional coattail-rider Tyga.

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Tyga dropped her like a bad habit and latched on hitched his wagon to Kylie Jenner's star.

Blac, in an act of revenge straight out of a Shakespeare fever dream, hooked up with Kylie's brother Rob.

She then doubled-down by having a baby with Rob.

By this time you've probably busted out one of those bulletin boards with red yarn connecting the various black-and-white photos like you see in FBI movies or that episode of Always Sunny where Mac and Charlie get jobs at the post office.

So let us make it easy for you:

Rob & JINA

Blac has two baby daddies: one of them is Kylie's boyfriend, and the other is Kylie's brother.

To the surprise of absolutely no one (except, its seems, Blac) the two of them are now joining forces against Blac.

According to TMZ, Blac now believes she's the victim of a full-blown baby daddy conspiracy, as Rob is basically playing double agent and pitting Tyga and Chyna against each other.

She says that at one point, he told Tyga that she wants to get back together, and T-Raww then spread the word all over town.

On other occasions, Rob has reportedly fed Blac false information about Tyga to see how she'll react.

Maybe Rob isn't the sucker he's been made out to be!

Or maybe he's just coming off as really sad and desperate and he should cut the BS.

In any event, whole thing is like a freakin' Russian spy novel, which is annoying, because we already have one of those playing off in the White House.

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