Whitney Port: Pregnant with First Child!

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Move over, Beyonce.

Take a seat, George Clooney.

Sorry for stealing your thunder, Lauren Conrad.

But Whitney Port has come out and announced to the world that she's pregnant with her first child! Hooray!

Whitney Port Snapshot

For former Hills star and husband Tim Rosenman are both “sooooo excited” for their impending baby, according to the former's latest Instagram message.

Indeed, Port confirmed this life-altering piece of news with what has to be the most revealing pregnancy announcement photo in the history of Instagram.

Really. We're not trying to be inappropriate here.

It's just... it's just... well... it's just: take a look at this photo.

Whitney Port Pregnancy Announcement

“Oh hey! Just standing by the window in my underwear, with a BABY in my belly!!!” the 31-year old reality star captioned the above Instagram photo of herself in a white, rolled up T-shirt and lacy underwear.

Her adorable baby bump is in very clear view.

Port then went from seductive to humorous, writing:

“DM me if you know what I’m supposed to do with this thing for how ever many years I’m supposed to be in charge,

"Check out my blog for a little letter from me & Timmy and for more behind the scenes of this crazy journey!!!! We are sooooo excited!!!!”

In this blog post, Port confessed that she and her husband were “a bit shocked” to discover that they were going to be parents in 2017, but added that she “can’t wait to be a Mom.”
Whitney Port on Instagram

“When two people love each other so much and the love becomes too great to fit inside both people, it spills over into a THIRD person," Port wrote, adding:

"This is how I am going to explain where babies come from to the little baby that is now growing inside my belly because Timmy and I are PREGNANT!"

She continued:

"I peed on a stick and now I’m going to be a Mom! Timmy and I were a bit shocked, but so excited to begin this journey.  I’ll be posting some videos and pictures along the way, so you guys can be a part of everything. It’s been such an interesting and trying but amazing journey already.

"I can’t wait to share my experience AND learn so much from all of you! I can’t wait to be a Mom, but the fact that there is another person inside there is seriously crazy!"

Port married Rosenman - a former producer on The Hills spin-off The City - in November of 2015.

Her big news arrives about a month after Conrad also announced that she's expecting her first child.

Can you believe it, Hills fans?

How old do you feel right now?!?

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