Christian Carino: Dating Lady Gaga!

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It's a good time to be Lady Gaga right now.

The singer is coming off a well-reviewed Super Bowl halftime show... is set to embark on wildly-anticipated world tour... and just received massive props for her dismissal of a few online trolls.

But you know?

It's an even better time to be Christian Carino. Because this dude is actually dating Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga Goes Gaga

Numerous sources and reliable outlets confirm that the singer and the talent agent have been a romantic item for several weeks now.

During Super Bowl weekend, Carino was spotted smooching Lady Gaga prior to her performance.

Moreover, the new couple attended Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid's Spring 2017 fashion show on Wednesday night, further cementing their status as a tandem.

So... who the heck is Christian Carino?

Scroll down for a few facts about Gaga's boyfriend (we're very sorry, Taylor Kinney).

Lady Gaga as Wide Receiver

He works with MANY celebrities.

The businessman has assisted such big-named clients in the music industry as Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Miley Cyrus.

He's very charitable.

Carino is a frequent attendee at charity events, including DKMS' Delete Blood Cancer gatherings. Good for him!

He loves music!

According to People Magazine, the publication that broke the relationship news, the agent and Lady Gaga recently went to a Kings Of Leon's concert at The Forum in California.

He formerly dated...

.... The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan.

He's good friends with...

... Fashion designed Tommy Hilfiger.

Gaga and Kinney called off their engagement in July of last year.

The actor had popped the question in 2015 on Valentine’s Day via a heart-shaped ring after four years together.

They appear to be on very good terms, although we can't imagine Kinney is taking this news very well.

He's extremely handsome, however, so we're guessing he'll be alright in the long run.

Neither Gaga nor Carino has commented on their relationship, but that's probably because it's fairly new, not because it doesn't exist.

Lady Gaga Scores!

Asked by Ryan Seacrest on Thursday whether she celebrated her Super Bowl performance with anyone special, Gaga played coy.

“I don’t know! You know I don’t talk about my love life, Ryan!” Gaga replied. “I’m really red. I’m really red, and it doesn’t go with my outfit.”

It's true: to Gaga's credit, she has always remained very quiet when it comes to her private life.

So don't expect to hear much from the artist about Carino.

But we'll go ahead and talk about these two... by wishing them all the best!

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