10 Iconic Moments From The Hills' Heyday

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The Hills made history on MTV.

Controversial, scandalous, totally scripted history.

But still.

Here are the very best moments in the history of The Hills:


1. Lauren Chose Love Over Paris

Lauren Chose Love Over Paris
Would anyone choose love over Paris? Probably not. This is The Hills, so it wouldn't be the same show if the action moved to Paris. This one was probably made up, but it made for great TV.

2. Kristin Declares War on Audrina

Kristin Declares War on Audrina
Remember that time Kristin made it clear to Audrina that she wouldn't be taking crap from anyone?

3. That Sex Tape Rumor

That Sex Tape Rumor
Spencer proved he was a horrible man when he spread rumors about Lauren having a sex tape. The news spread around the cast and poor Lauren didn't know what to do.

4. The Crystals!

The Crystals!
Spencer and Heidi went absolutely crazy and ditched their friends and family. All they seemed to care about were crystals.

5. Holly Bringing the Fun

Holly Bringing the Fun
All Holly wanted was to bring some fun back to the show. It's not like Heidi was going to step up to the challenge, so she got drunk and everyone started complaining about her drinking.

6. Stephanie & Lauren Became Friends

Stephanie & Lauren Became Friends
Things got super awkward when Spencer's sister, Stephanie Pratt showed up on the scene, but she was actually really nice. She and Lauren became really close friends.

7. Justin Bobby Kisses Another Girl, Audrina Takes him Back

Justin Bobby Kisses Another Girl, Audrina Takes him Back
Justin Bobby kissed another girl, but Audrina took him back. It was great to watch, but horrible at the same time.

8. Whitney Takes a Tumble

Whitney Takes a Tumble
Whitney falling on live TV was one of the most hilarious moments of the entire series. I did not see that one coming.

9. Jen Fighting For Air Time

Jen Fighting For Air Time
Remember when Jen Bunny thought it would be fun to hook up with Brody in front of LC?

10. Heidi Crashes Lauren's Party

Heidi Crashes Lauren's Party
Lauren hated Heidi, but that didn't stop Heidi from showing up to her former friend's birthday party uninvited.

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