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The biggest bombshell on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor won’t be Andi Dorfman’s return, according to The Bachelor spoilers.

This one-hour installment will mark the start of the overnight dates, and yes, Andi will show up to talk to Nick, as revealed last week.

Raven Gates With Wings
Photo via Instagram

In all likelihood, though, this isn’t so she can win him back, but rather to discuss what happened with their relationship and offer advice.

A standard but effective Bachelor trope through the years.

While the previews make this look like it’s such a big deal that it may impact who The Bachelor winner is, the opposite is likely true.

Nick has yet to cut one of his final four – Corinne Olympios, Raven Gates, Vanessa Grimaldi or Rachel Lindsay – but we do know this:

1. Rachel Lindsay is The Bachelorette this summer;

2. Raven Gates goes on one of the overnights.

Consider yourselves spoiler warned, but Nick and Raven are getting really serious as the season progresses, which brings us to her secret.

Raven Gates Rings In The New Year
Photo via Instagram

It’s a big secret, one she is nervous to reveal.

Whether we learn this tonight or next week, following the obligatory "to be continued" cliffhanger, is unclear, but it’s going to be a doozy:

Raven has only had sex with one person.

No, that’s not as enormous a deal as being a virgin, but she’s very inexperienced in the bedroom, and has never once had an orgasm.

Crazy as it is that she would share this on TV, the adorable native of Hoxie, Arkansas, does not hold back. As for what we’re alll wondering …

According to The Bachelor spoilers, Nick and Raven do partake in the Fantasy Suite, where she will tell him that she loves him finally.

As for whether Nick Viall gave Raven her inaugural orgasm, expect The Bachelor editors to strongly imply this happened with editing.

No one will know for sure if he did, though … at least until the After the Final Rose special when Nick talks about making love to her.

Kidding. But given Nick’s track record …

Raven had just come out of a terrible breakup with her ex – the only person she’s slept with – when she submitted herself for the show.

Clearly she and Nick have built up some amazing chemistry from the start, and she’s earned her place in the final weeks of the season.

Whether that’s enough to get her the final rose over her competition remains to be seen, along with any and all aforementioned orgasms.