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Some things, even The Bachelor spoilers can’t tell you.

Sure, we knew ahead of time that Rachel Lindsay would be The Bachelorette, and we’re almost positive we know who wins the final rose.

But who saw final moments of this week coming?

Andi on The Bachelor
Photo via ABC

Nick Viall wasn’t the only card carrying member of Bachelor Nation who was surprised to see Andi Dorfman on the show Monday night.

Of course, she showed up for all of five seconds before the credits, and we didn’t even see Nick’s hometown date rose ceremony either.

Yep, it’s a double-cliffhanger tease this week!

This coming Monday, all will be revealed as Andi, the former star of The Bachelorette who turned Nick’s proposal down in 2014, is back.

“Hello, Nick,” Dorfman says at his hotel door.

Awesome as it is to see one of the hottest women in Bachelor history on screen, and making Nick squirm so less, the question is … WHY!?

The video above offers some clues …

Andi Dorfman Returns to The Bachelor
Photo via ABC

“Everyone who’s wanted to see Nick and Andi face to face again will get what they want,” says a source quoted by E! News this week.

(Did people even know that they wanted that?)

“It’s their first time discussing their relationship since the [After the Final Rose special]” airing immediately after Andi’s season finale.

Okay, but wasn’t that THREE YEARS AGO?

As you know if you’re a fan of the show, Nick asked Andi why she made love to him in the Fantasy Suite if she didn’t want to get engaged.

It was incredibly awkward, she was (unfairly) slut-shamed in the media, and Viall apologized to Dorfman publicly for making the comment. 

Andi would go on to write a book, It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak Into Happily Never After, in which she touched on the topic of Nick.

Josh Murray (above), who Andi chose over Nick (and ended her engagement with after six months) flat-out denied what she wrote in her memoir.

Nick, however, had a different opinion.

“What Andi does is she has a tendency of omitting information,” Viall said. “That being said, all the things that are written about me?”

“As far as like the events that happened and things that were said, a large part of it did happen, so I can’t say that it’s a fictional book.”

“It might be missing some information,” he said of his mixed portrayal, but concedes “a lot of the things she wrote about did happen.”

Again though, why the return in 2017?

The two briefly reunited for Nick’s Bachelor unveiling (along with Kaitlyn Bristowe) on Jimmy Kimmel Live last fall, but her being on the show?

Nick, Andi and Kaitlyn
Photo via Instagram

That’s a twist we’re confident no one saw coming.

Describing Nick and Andi’s chat as “compelling,” a show insider spills, “They talk about their past and what went down between them.”

“Their Fantasy Suite date definitely comes up!” 

One can only hope for cringe-worthy love-making references, but we won’t hold our breath. What we can promise is this Bachelor staple:

“Andi also tries to give Nick some advice.”

Basically, we don’t expect Andi’s surprise visit to change The Bachelor winner or have many consequences beyond making great TV.

That’s what it’s all about right?