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You don’t need The Bachelor spoilers to tell you that Nick Viall has been around the block at this point, to say the absolute least.

So much so that there are rumored/assumed/widely believed to be seven women from the popular franchise that he’s slept with.

That we know of.

Think about it. He made it to the finale of The Bachelorette, twice. Then went to Paradise. Then was selected as The Bachelor.

We’re also talking about Nick Viall, a man who’s been more open about his sexual exploits than some of his partners might like.

So who has he had relations with? At this point, who has he not?! How many are there we can’t identify? Is this a TV record?

NOTE: This list includes who Nick Viall picks on The Bachelor this season, as well as his other alleged Fantasy Suite guests.

If you don’t want serious spoilers for this coming campaign to be given away, we suggest you turn back now. Like … right now.