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Kris Jenner made a pretty major faux pas at the Academy Awards.

She didn’t announce the wrong winner of Best Picture, unlike Warren Beatty.

Nor did she include the photo of someone who is still alive in the show’s In Memoriam segment, unlike whoever was in charge of the show’s In Memoriam segment.

But Jenner did come across like an ignorant fool during E!’s red carpet coverage of the event.

Kris Jenner with a Smirk
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Those who tuned in to see quasi professional journalists judge the appearances of actors and actresses prior to the ceremony need to get a life.

Wait, that’s not it.

It’s true. But that isn’t the point of this story.

What we meant to say was this:

Those who tuned in to E! prior to the start of last night’s Academy Awards likely noticed that many celebrities were donning blue ribbons over their dresses or tuxedos to show support for the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that fights for human rights.

This has become a popular cause among those concerned about the policies being discussed and/or passed by the Donald Trump administration.

But the cause hasn’t become popular enough to have caught the attention of Jenner, apparently.

Kris Jenner, Hands on Hips
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During the live telecast, Jenner and Giuliana Rancic were talking about Best Actress nominee Ruth Negga‘s Oscar gown when the reality star asked:

“What is the blue thing she has there? Is that a ribbon?"

"It’s the ACLU ribbon that a lot of people are actually wearing on the red carpet tonight," Rancic calmly replied.

“This is the first one I’ve seen. That little ribbon," Jenner responded, very confused by the confluence of the accessory.

Among the Twitters users who took note of this comment? The ACLU itself!

Aclu Tweet

According to a source who works in production for E!’s Oscars pre-show fashion panel, Jenner was aware of the backlash surrounding her ignorance…

… and she was not very happy about it!

“Kris absolutely flipped out when the cameras stopped rolling," this insider tells Radar Online.

Adds the person behind this report:

“Kris accused producers of trying to sabotage her. She actually went on to say that it was their fault that they did not inform her of what the blue ribbons signified."

We’d say it’s the producers fault for asking Jenner to work the event in the first place.

We’re not sure what makes her qualified to talk about fashion… or movies… or really anything at all, except for our to best exploit one’s children for a lot of money.

Not surprisingly, the mole tells Radar that Jenner will not be asked back for this same pre-show coverage in 2018.

And that’s likely fine by her anyhow.

“Kris is just mortified at how badly she messed up,” the insider concludes.