Kate Middleton Pregnant Odds: What Are They Now?

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Kate Middleton is one of the most beautiful, beloved and fashionable women on the planet.

Nevertheless, it's difficult not to feel sort of bad for the Royal celebrity.

She wakes up everyday with a new rumor about her body, having to read one morning that she's bulimic and the very next morning that she's pregnant.

Has any single person's stomach ever been analyzed on such a frequent, ridiculous level?

Kate Middleton: Pregnant... Once Again?

Do you see a baby bump here? Middleton posed mere days ago on the BAFTAs red carpet.

And now here we are again, forced to speculate over the status of Middleton's womb.

Is it holding yet another baby? The third child for Middleton and Prince William?

We can't say for certain, but we can verify that the British bookmaker Betfair is now offering even odds for an official baby announcement in 2017 from the wildly popular couple.

For those unfamiliar with gambling, this means that if you wager $100 on Kate Middleton being pregnant and announcing as much this calendar year... you'll win $100 in return.

That's not a major return, is it?

Exactly. That's why many folks now believe that the Duchess is expecting.

Kate Middleton and Her Prince

Rumors over a pregnant Kate Middleton have been running rampant forever, almost since she gave birth to her second child, Princess Charlotte.

She and William are also parents to an adorable little boy named George.

Middleton announced her first two pregnancies early on in during her initial trimester, as acute morning sickness forced her to cancel several engagements at the time.

She really did not have a very pleasant pair of pregnancies.

But while many people close to the situation swear that Middleton is pregnant once again, there's a strong reason to doubt this rumor at the moment.

As you can see in the photos above, Middleton is not rocking a baby bump at the moment.

And most women show a lot earlier for their second and third pregnancies than they do for their first.

So unless the Duchess is literally just a few days along, it's highly unlikely that there's a bun in her gorgeous oven right now.

Kate Middleton is Smiling

If/when Kate and William bring a new baby into the world, he or she would be fifth in line to the British throne and the Queen’s sixth great-grandchild.

And the above-mentioned bookmaker has even placed odds on the child's most likely name.

Alice and Victoria are the leading options, for example if the couple has another daughter, as Prince Philip’s mother was named Alice, as was Queen Victoria’s daughter.

If Kate and William have a boy, Betfair predicts that they will call him Arthur or Henry.

Arthur is William’s second name; and was reportedly what Prince Charles originally wanted to call his first born, prior to agreeing on George.

Henry, meanwhile, was the name of eight previous kings.

Which of these names would you go with... IF Middleton is pregnant, that is?

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