Kate Middleton: ACTUALLY Pregnant With Third Child?!

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Pretty much from the time the world learned who she is, we've been hearing rumors that Kate Middleton is pregnant.

Kate has given the people what they want twice by bearing royal offspring, but each time before she was home from the hospital for about a week before the British tabloids were preparing a new set of grainy close-ups of her midsection with breathless headlines about baby bumps.

Now that it's almost Christmas, the annual rumors of Kate planning a holiday pregnancy announcement have begun in earnest.

Dutchess of Cambridge

But this year, there's a special twist to the yuletide tradition:

Those always unreliable "royal insiders" claim Kate has already made the big reveal:

“William, in particular, is over the moon,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“He and Kate went through all of the necessary tests to make sure that the baby is healthy, and then, once they were sure, they got everyone together to let them know.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton Together

The site claims that Will and Kate gathered their families at Kensington Palace to announce her third pregnancy earlier this week:

“Shortly after everyone arrived there was a loud cheer and the sound of champagne corks popping,” an insider claims.

“The staff had to keep quiet and carry on working even as the whole place filled with jubilation.” 

“Now Kate knows she needs to have the nursery at Kensington Palace repainted,” the source explains.

“It was all earthy tones for George [3] and a pink motif for Charlotte [19 months]. So she’ll do it all over again.”'

Catherine E. Middleton

So is this "source" a family member who was in on the reveal and just couldn't resist the allure of an anonymous shout-out in Hollywood Life, or a staff member who decided to risk their career by reading a lot into a popping champagne cork?

We may never know for sure, as the person who "leaked" the info has probably since turned their attention to an article about O.J.'s jailhouse confession.

There are legitimate claims that Kate hasn't been spotted in public in recent weeks, but we won't believe she's already made the announcement to her family until the news comes from a legitimate source like the Sun or the Enquirer or Donald Trump's Twitter account.

Somewhat off topic:

Why isn't anyone investigating Ted Cruz's dad for killing JFK?

The truth is out there, people!

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