William and Kate: 18 Times The Tabloids Got It Wrong

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The weekly rags pride themselves on a really captivating cover, especially when it comes to covering the royals.  

If you use a gold sticker stating that either the Duchess of Cambridge or the palace confirms something, then it has to be real, right?

Don't forget Photoshopping crowns on to William and Catherine to prepare the world for their ascension to the throne.  And imagine what the $100 million coronation will be like!


1. In Touch - May 2011

In Touch - May 2011
William and Catherine hadn't been married for 4 minutes before In Touch claimed she was battling fertility issues. Classy.

2. Life & Style - July 2012

Life & Style - July 2012
Around this time, Buckingham Palace gave a refresher course on protocol and rank within the royal family. Tabloids took this to mean that the Queen was getting revenge on Catherine for being popular. Her punishment required her to curtsy to Prince William's cousins, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York. HOWEVER, she only has to curtsy to the York girls if Prince William is not with her, because William outranks his cousins.

3. Star - September 2012

Star - September 2012
Oooh, Star was so close to finally hitting its target. Prince George was presumably conceived in November of 2012, just two months after Star's claims.

4. Life & Style - December 2012

Life & Style - December 2012
Yes, William and Catherine announced that she was pregnant around this time, but Catherine was only carrying Prince George. Just one prince. Single rider.

5. Star - December 2013

Star - December 2013
News is slow, everyone loves a holiday pregnancy announcement. And yet...no baby.

6. Globe - March 2014

Globe - March 2014
Her Majesty was not "dying" at the time. In fact, she went on to break Queen Victoria's record for longest reigning British monarch in history in September 2015.

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