Josh Murray: Andi Dorfman and Nick Viall Are PERFECT Together!

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Andi Dorfman's surprise visit to the hotel room of Nick Viall on this season of The Bachelor has fans guessing what her endgame is.

Could there be a surprise reconciliation in the works? (The Bachelor spoilers offer clues as to how the season ends, if you dare to read).

Nick and Andi Dorfman

Monday night’s episode gave us just a glimpse of Andi Dorfman's return to The Bachelor, leaving fans dying to know what comes next.

At least one prominent member of Bachelor Nation is hoping for - or at least envisioning - a rekindling of a romance between the two.

“I think they’re perfect for each other, to be honest,” Dorfman’s former fiancé Josh Murray told Entertainment Tonight in an interview.

Yes, the same Josh Murray who openly loathed Nick and stole his girl on two different shows in The Bachelor franchise since 2014.

“Knowing both of the people and who they are, they should have ended up together,” says Josh, who split with Andi after six months.

Of whether or not he thinks Viall’s relationship with his final pick will last, Murray said he’s “very pessimistic when it comes to [that]."

Josh Murray Red Carpet Photo

Josh says he chalks that skepticism up to "what I feel like the intentions are at the end," adding, "I feel like I know Nick pretty well."

"I wish the girls luck for sure,” he added.

From everything we've heard, there's little chance Nick dumps his final four and makes Andi Dorfman The Bachelor winner in a shocker.

Still, her mere presence has fans buzzing.

Murray, 32, and Viall, 36, became on-screen rivals when they were the two finalists on Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette in 2014.

Dorfman, 29, ultimately picked Murray.

Their engagement ended, however, and not necessarily well; Dorfman released a tell-all memoir about her experience with the show.

In it, Andi touched on the reasons behind her split from Murray, calling the former athlete controlling, paranoid and verbally abusive. 

Her book became a hot topic during Murray’s (and Viall's) Bachelor in Paradise stint last summer as he romanced Amanda Stanton.

(Who Nick was also really into at the time.)

Nick, who has said Andi's memoir didn't always tell the whole story but said what she described was by and large true, was concerned.

About Andi's claims regarding Murray.

Josh, who may be back together with Stanton after calling off their post-Paradise engagement, said Andi's book was “a fictional story.”

Murray told ET of his ex's memoir:

“That’s [Dorfman’s] way of making money and stuff, and that’s great, and if I’ve got to be the fall guy in whatever her stories are, then whatever.”

Adding that he has “no intentions of ever seeing or talking” to Dorfman again, he says “it’s very tempting to tell the truth,” but he won't.

He's been asked to write a book of his own, Josh says, but because he doesn’t want to attack people, he will not be taking such action.

“There could be a book written that would be very, very bad, but that’s not something I want to do,” Murray said, advising future contestants.

“Always be yourself" and true to yourself, “because they’re going to portray you how they want to portray you for the storyline."

Words to live by.

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