Kris Jenner: Hiding Embarrassing Medical Problem?

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Earlier today we reported that adult film company Vivid is promising new Kim Kardashian sex tape footage to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the video's release.

Of course, the now-infamous clip didn't just introduce Kim to the mainstream, it also made an overnight star out of her ambitious "momager," Kris Jenner.

Despite what a surprising number of fans were hoping for, the lost footage does not show Ray J peeing on Kim, but this is 2017, so you still won't be getting out of this day without a Kardashian-related pee story:

Kris Jenner, Hands on Hips

According to Radar Online, Kris Jenner is having difficulty, um ... holding her water.

The Kardashians aren't huge on privacy, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the family's reality shows have mined Kris' weakening bladder for comedic purposes.

But it seems the problem may be more serious than Kris and company are letting on:

"Kris had more 'accidents' recently than ever before and has to be extremely difficult of what she eats and drinks before going to public events," a source close to the Kardashians tells Radar.

The insider (who is clearly a person Kris should stop sharing her secrets with) adds that the "pee-dicament" (Radar's word, not ours) has been making creating difficulties in Kris' family life.

Kris Jenner Attends SinfulColors and Kylie Jenner Announce Auction for Anti Bullying

Particularly with regard to her relationship with her grandkids:

"She's been banned from jumping on their trampoline and swimming with them" says the source.

We learned this week that the aftermath of Kim's Paris robbery will be featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but hopefully the family draws the privacy line somewhere. 

But they've already demonstrated that if a medical problem might potentially provide a ratings boost, it's fair game.

Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner Pose

When Lamar Odom overdosed and wound up in a coma last year, the show captured his ensuing recovery, despite initial reports that  the hospital drama would remain off-limits.

Obviously, this situation isn't quite as severe, and we're sure it would be portrayed differently, but there's something unseemly about getting laughs from a 61-year-old woman's embarrassing medical issue.

Then again, this is Kris Jenner we're talking about.

If E! offered her a check to do a two-hour special about her next colonoscopy, she'd be fasting before they got the contract drawn up.

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