Jenelle Evans on Instagram: Check Out My Happy New Family!

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Just two weeks ago, Jenelle Evans gave birth to her third child, an adorable little girl with the quirky name of Ensley Jolie.

Naturally, Ms. Evans wasted no time in returning to her usual routine:

Within days she was posting selfies, working out, and posting workout selfies.

Jenelle Evans Weight Loss Selfie

Jenelle's post-pregnancy weight loss is impressive, but even she realizes that her child who just entered the world should probably share some of the focus.

So when she's not posing in front of the mirror for Snapchat, she takes time to remind the world that she does seem to be inching her way toward becoming a suitable mother these days.

The progress has been slow, but these days, Jenelle seems intent on creating a home life for her kids that could almost be described as stable.

And naturally she wants the haters to know how 

Jenelle Evans, David Eason, and Ensley Jolie

"We made something so beautiful," Jenelle captioned the above photo.

But if you thought she would stop at one artsy baby photo, you don't know the Carolina Hurricane.

Jenelle's pregnancy photos looked like illustrations from Teen Mom 2: The Children's Book.

Not surprisingly, the first professional photos of little Ensley are just as unintentionally hilarious.

Jenelle Evans and Ensley Jolie

"You're my favorite work of art.  #MilkBath #EnsleyJolie"

Maybe the whole thing wouldn't be so ridiculous if we didn't know so much about Jenelle.

Like, the photos are fine, but we just can't stop picturing her getting out of the milk bath, hurling a mason jar at someone's head, and leading police on a high-speed chase.

Jenelle has already given several interviews since giving birth, and she says her home life these days is also sunshine and rainbows and cops driving by and waving pleasantly, instead of pulling out their tasers in preparation.

Jenelle Evans Snapchat Baby

"We are doing great," she told E! News shortly after the birth.

"It was a quick delivery and [I] only had to push twice. We are already in love with her, and she's so beautiful! We are just ready to take her home!"

Let that be lesson:

If Jenelle can turn things around, so can anyone!

And also, if Jenelle can semi-convincingly pretend to have turned things around, so can anyone.

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