Jenelle Evans Posts Topless Selfie 2 Weeks After Giving Birth!

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Say what you will about Jenelle Evans, the girl clearly trains hard.

Jenelle is a fitness fanatic, and she's currently reaping the rewards of her work ethic, just two weeks after welcoming daughter Ensley.

Check out her latest selfie and be amazed:

Jenelle Evans Weight Loss Selfie

Yes, it's hard to believe that Jenelle gave birth to her third child just 13 days ago.

Clearly, the pressures of raising three kids aren't interfering with her workout routine.

(We'll pause and allow you to angrily comment that Jenellle only has custody of two of her three children.)

The achievement must feel even better given the flak over Jenelle's weight that ensued after she appeared on last season's Teen Mom 2 reunion show.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Selfie

Nathan Griffith fat-shamed his ex in brutal fashion on the show, and instead of admonishing him for his idiocy, a surprising number of fans followed suit on social media.

Never one to take abuse lying down, Jenelle clapped back on Instagram, writing:

“Yes, I’ve gained weight. Happy weight. This is what happens when you are truly happy in life.”

Now, she's clearly having the last laugh at both Nathan and the online haters.

Jenelle Evans Holds Baby Bump VMAs 2016

Amazingly, the woman once dubbed the Carolina Hurricane might be following in Amber Portwood's footsteps and becoming an unlikely Teen Mom success story.

Like Amber, much of the criticism leveled against Jenelle over the years has been justified.

For much of her life, Jenelle has been a negative and destructive force in the lives of her loved ones, but she seems to be on the verge of turning things around.

We don't want to give her too much credit just yet (This is a girl who allegedly assaulted her ex's new girlfriend and boasted about being involved in "two custody battles at once" just last year.), but she may be slowly getting there.

Jenelle Evans David Eason Halloween 2015

Only time will tell what sort of mom and woman Jenelle will develop into, but she seems to want to change for the better, which is an important first step.

If nothing else, Jenelle's fitness routine is clearly on point.

Now hopefully she'll start attending to her emotional and psychological health with the same care.

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