Lady Gaga Halftime Show: 19 GIFs to Remember

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Lady Gaga came, she saw, she conquered Super Bowl LI.

While the Internet has responded with mixed opinions to the Patriots stunning comeback victory over the Falcons, nearly everyone is in universal agreement over Gaga:

She was terrific.

At halftime of the big game, Lady Gaga honored America... jumped from a stadium roof... danced all around... celebrated diversity... and played her greatest hits.

You can grade her performance HERE.

And you can relive it below, GIF style!

1. Lady Gaga in the Air

Lady Gaga in the Air
There goes Lady Gaga! The singer is suspended from mid-air in this GIF from her terrific Super Bowl halftime show.

2. Going... Going.. Gaga!

Going... Going.. Gaga!
Look out below! Lady Gaga takes a dive off the roof in this Super Bowl halftime photo.

3. Flipping All the Way Out

Flipping All the Way Out
Lady Gaga is literally flipping out in this GIF from her well-reviewed halftime show.

4. Angry Gaga

Angry Gaga
Gaga looks a little angry here, doesn't she? Her actual halftime performance was pretty hopeful, though.

5. Let's Do This!

Let's Do This!
Lady Gaga has arrived on stage. She is ready to do her thing!!!!!!

6. It's Important to Stretch

It's Important to Stretch
Gotta work those leg muscles, right, Lady Gaga? You don't want to pull anything.

7. Keyboard Time

Keyboard Time
Lady Gaga didn't just sing at Super Bowl LI. She broke out an instrument at one point.

8. Just Dancing

Just Dancing
Just dance! Yes, it's the name of a Lady Gaga song. It's also what she is doing here.

9. All About the Telephone

All About the Telephone
Call me, okay? On my telephone, okay? Lady Gaga sends a message in this Super Bowl GIF.

10. Unable to Sit Still

Unable to Sit Still
Lady Gaga played the piano during her halftime show. In a very Gaga-like manner.

11. I'm Open!

I'm Open!
And... I'm out! HA! This is how Lady Gaga closed out her Super Bowl halftime performance.

12. Pure Fire

Pure Fire
Lady Gaga was on fire during Super Bowl LI. Sometimes, as you can see here, almost literally.

13. A Hug from Gaga

A Hug from Gaga
Lady Gaga hugged this lucky young woman on the field in Houston during her halftime show.

14. The Opening

The Opening
This is how Lady Gaga opened her Super Bowl show, by singing a bit of "This Land is Your Land."

15. Mic Drop?

Mic Drop?
More like mic hurl for Lady Gaga. She is all done singing, people!

16. Sexy in Shoulder Pads

Sexy in Shoulder Pads
Lady Gaga tried on a different sort of uniform as part of her impressive Super Bowl halftime show.

17. Altogether Now!

Altogether Now!
Lady Gaga gets down, dirty and entertaining in this GIF from her halftime performance.

18. Synchronized Flippers

Synchronized Flippers
Whoa there! There were no left and right sharks for Lady Gaga. Just these back-flipping backup dancers.

19. She Has a Million Reasons

She Has a Million Reasons
Gaga broke things down during her halftime show for this piano-based rendition of "A Million Reasons."

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