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If you follow Ariel Winter on Instagram, then you’re probably not baffled by the fact that a teenage sitcom actress has an astonishing 3 million followers.

There are a few simple reasons for this.

Chief among them is the fact that Ariel has giant boobs and and seems to enjoy putting them on display.

Ariel Winter: See-Through Top Photo

Boobs, as you may know, are the one thing (two things?) the Internet loves more than cats and the Cash Me Ousside Girl, so Ariel really hit the SEO lottery at birth.

Fortunately for her fans, she’s well aware of this and takes full advantage of her good fortune on a regular basis.

The photo above is a still from a GIF that Ariel posted over the weekend, and we’re pretty sure it holds the power holds the power to make you forget about everything from your Trump-induced malaise to that dumb Oscar envelope mix-up that everyone can’t stop talking about.

At least for about 2.5 seconds, anyway:

Not surprisingly, the post generated a good deal of praise and more than a few marriage proposals.

"Damn you are fine!" commented one user.

"She is America’s prettiest lady," wrote a fan, who we’re assuming conducted exhaustive research on the subject.

There was the occasional hater in the mix, but that’s pretty much the case with all things on the Internet, always.

Ariel’s only 19, but she’s been in the business for nearly a decade.

Ariel Winter 2016 Emmy Awards Pose Pic

We’re sure she’s learned how to brush the dirt off her shoulders with panache.

To our minf exciting news here is that Ariel is harnessing the power of the animated .GIF, which is a platform that’s brought cleavage selfies to new heights of creative expression.

With .GIFs, boobs come to life like framed photos in Hogwarts.

But despite our unfortunate choice of simile, we’d like to take this opportunity to discourage Ariel from posting more sexy Harry Potter cosplay pics.

Ariel Winter Scarlett Letter Halloween Costume Photo

We’re usually in favor of cleavage in all its forms, but it’s weird enough that a woman who rose to fame playing a geeky middle-schooler on Modern Family is now rivaling Kate Upton for the title of Internet’s Favorite Boobs.

Throw Harry Potter in the mix on top of it, and it’s all just too confusing.

We might have start sending Ariel our therapy bills.