Ariel Winter Celebrates Harry Potter's Birthday By Casting Boob Spell on Instagram

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Well, she may not have gone to Hogwarts, but Ariel Winter has definitely mastered the ginormous mammarius spell.

Ariel Winter: Harry Potter Boobs

The Modern Family actress posted the above pic to celebrate the 36th birthday of the Boy Who Lived himself, Harry Potter.

If you're one of those Millennials who totes thought of Potter as your bestie growing up, and you're confused by the fact that he's several years older than you are, don't worry; there's an explanation.

You see, J.K. Rowling set the main action of the story a few years ahead of when the books were published, a fact she hinted at with minor Muggle period details, like Dudley's videogame console.

Anyway, we really feel like we lost sight of what we should be focusing on here which is, of course, Ariel Winter's boobs.

Is this her most revealing pic to date?

Far from it. 

Ariel's bikini pics are the stuff of Internet legend, and by the standards she's been setting lately, this is actually pretty tame.

In fact, ever since Ariel became single again, her posts have been even more on point than usual.

And judging by the comments she's as popular with the ladies as she is with the fellas.

"How do you get your boobs to look great in everything!?! I need to know your secrets!!! Please!" wrote one user.

We think we know the answer to that, @eeeegiiap: Magic!

Seriously, though, it's good to know that Ariel is a fantasy nerd.

If she ever decides to get into the celebrity sex tape game maybe she could use some sort of Game of Thrones reference for the title.

Yeah, we don't feel great about that joke, but we're just gonna go ahead and leave it.

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