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So much for any chance of the momentary detente struck between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy extending to full-on peace accord status.

Chris’ two-year-old daughter, Royalty, has just been dragged into his feud with the rapper, which may send Team Breezy over the edge.

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If you haven’t been on the Internet this week, well, you’ve missed quite a show in the form of this explosive Chris Brown-Soulja Boy feud.

It all hilariously started Monday night after the "Crank That" rapper liked an Instagram pic posted by Karrueche Tran, Chris’ ex-girlfriend.

Karrueche dated Chris for years, but the couple broke up.

In 2015. Yet Brown watches her IG like a hawk, evidently.

For a guy who beat his previous GF within an inch of her life, you’d think Chris would avoid coming across as a psycho stalker, but so it goes.

”Chris brown just called and said he wanna fight me," Soulja said on Twitter, claiming Chris threatened him over his behavior on Insta.

Then the following videos, and threats, were exchanged:

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"Aye @chrisbrown pull up n—a and I’ll knock yo Bitch A– out," SB yelled. "P–sy a– n—a. Stop snorting so much coke n—a! FRUITS."

Fruits refers to the Fruit Town Pirus, a gang that Chris has long been associated with, and who Soulja apparently isn’t impressed by.

Soulja also laid into Chris for beating up Rihanna ages ago.

Ya Boy further said that "Karrueche don’t want you n–ga!" and threatened to "beat the f–k out" Brown if he ever returned to the ‘hood.

Seriously, watch the video above. We can’t do it justice.

Chris responded, without irony, that "this s–t is beneath me" … but that he would whomp Soulja’s ass in the boxing ring in three rounds.

Which brings us to these latest bizarre developments …

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After Soulja’s mom got mad and he apologized (really), the feud has ramped back up, with Chris’ little daughter, Royalty, now in the mix.

Soulja’s the one who brought her into it, too … mostly.

Again, it started on Instagram, where he shared a photo of Royalty with Floyd Mayweather and TheMoneyTeam (Floyd’s crew) tagged.

The implication? Chris’ two-year-old wants to see her father get his ass lit up in the ring, and that Floyd, the boxing champ, is all for it.

Dragging Chris’ innocent toddler into this for no reason? To call that a "low blow" by Soulja is an understatement. It gets weirder, though. 

Chris’ baby mama Nia Guzman tagged Floyd in the pic initally; Soulja just trolled and reposted it before the whole thing went viral.

Her explanation of that, when confronted by TMZ?

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She says her Royalty picture had nothing to do with Chris and Soulja’s verbal sparring or their threats to duke it out in a boxing match.

Rather, TMT has taken her under its wing. Obviously!

According to Nia, she and the little one have been hanging out with Mayweather recently … and "Floyd is investing in Royalty’s future."

Yeah. We got nothing. Maybe even less than nothing.

The singer, for his part, is royally (pun not intended) pissed and making it clear that Soulja best back the hell up off his little girl ASAP.

You wanna start with CB, fine. But leave her out of it.

All we can say for sure is that if this keeps going, you might actually see these two throw down, as the Internet is already hoping for:

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