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Chris Brown and Soulja Boy got into an insane, profane and hilarious beef over Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran last night on Twitter.

We can’t do it justice. You have GOT to see this.

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The once-relevant rapper instigated the online fight when he claimed that the troubled R&B singer called him … for a ridiculous reason.

Chris, Soulja says, was furious that the latter “Liked” one of Karrueche’s posts on Instagram; Ya Boy was not too pleased about this.

“Chris brown just called me and said he wanna fight me because I liked @karrueche picture on Instagram this n—a a bitch,” Soulja tweeted.

Accusing Chris of drug use, he wrote “Aye @chrisbrown pull up n—a I’ll knock yo Bitch A– out stop snorting so much coke n—a. FRUITS.”

Fruits refers to the Fruit Town Pirus, a gang that Chris has long been associated with, albeit loosely; Brown is not an initiated member.

Anyway, Brown didn’t engage in the fight on Twitter … initially.

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Eventually, Soulja Boy got him to respond by adding “F–k Chris Brown! That n—a Chris Brown better not tweet s–t with his p—y a–.”

“He called my phone trippin so now I’m trippin F–k n—a. Fruits!” Soulja Boy continued, bringing up Brown’s checkered past with Rihanna.

“Chris brown think he hard cuz he hit a woman. And jumped a fan at his house party on New Years lmao u can’t fight Bitch do that s–t to me!”

Eventually, Brown responded on Instagram. Video style.

Along with footage of Soulja Boy trying to cover one of Brown’s songs, Chris called out his new adversary for getting arrested last month. 

“You on probation for weapons and all that gangsta s–t you talk about and you get out less than 24 hours later? You told!” Brown said.

Chris’ conclusion is that Soulja is a snitch who is in league with cops, as he knows people who’ve been locked up for DUI longer than that.

Street n–gas, Chris says, don’t engage in jawing with no “Officer Soulja” (the rapper claims he got off because he has the best lawyers).

Brown said that if bringing up Rihanna is the best Soulja can do, he really needs to try harder, since that was 10 YEARS AGO now.

He later told him to meet him in the boxing ring at his convenience, where he wouldn’t stand a chance after the adrenaline wore off.

Seriously. Watch the clips above. This all happened.

As for Karrueche’s take on all this?

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“I just… okay… First off this drama between both of these two is so ridiculous it makes no sense,” wrote the young model.

“We just brought in a new year and what we doing?? Leave the extra’d out, rah rah s–t behind. This isn’t cool or funny.”

“It’s draining… not just for me… but for everyone. There’s so much more out there in life then ‘twitter beefs.’ But anyways..second off.”

“Trying. to. make. me. feel. poppin? You talking about your old song ‘Poppin’? You know what makes me feel poppin?”

“Getting up and going to set.. walking in my apartment and seeing my Emmy with my name on it.. giving away shoes and feeding the less fortunate.”

“Being able to provide for my family with my own $$.. that’s what makes me feel good about myself. I been chillen… working.”

“Eating my veggies.. hitting these squats and minding my own business and that’s exactly how I want to keep it.”

Brown’s response? See below:

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Yeah. Dude is straight up unhinged.

Brown also leaked Soulja Boy’s phone number, to which Soulja responded by saying it’s just one of his 10 numbers, SO THERE BRUH.

Seriously. Dude has 10 iPhones.

“Chris brown Bitch Ass just leaked my number I’m not changing my number I got 10 iPhones this is gonna be my team breezy hot line.”

And there you have it.

We’re not gonna go out on a limb and award this the Best Celebrity Feud of 2017 honors right now, but it’s set the bar pretty high early.

The eventual nightclub fight should be pretty epic, if either of these hothead clowns would put their phones down and actually step to.